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Oh, to be young again!
Oh, to be young-ish again! That’s how I looked circa 2009.

Below is some background info about me, copied from my Linked In profile wholesale.

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Update – April 24, 2017: I had not realized my bio below was so sparse. Until today it only gave information about my 2015 general election effort. Sincere apologies to those who were disappointed. I’ve now added other info from my ‘About Me’ account (view that website here).



I’m an England-based Barbadian holistic communications and education specialist, trading as Intelek International – www.intelek.net.

Through my Intelek Domino Effect Associates (IDEAs) project, I offer game-changing intellectual property related services to organizations, groups and individuals.

I offered these services to Pope Benedict XVI (unsolicited) and in 2010, prophetically assessed his pronounced conservatism as a sign of the cataclysmic change comming to Christianity (http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/6817820-an-open-letter-to-the-pope-part-1).

The relative accuracy of my prediction came from more than 30 years of penetrative analysis of communications phenomena, over thousands of years, across religious and secular classifications and in individual and organizational settings.

Put simply, you could say I pay really close attention to what people say and write and how they otherwise express themselves.

I work empathically with businesses, NGO’s, politicians, religious leaders, artists and others.

I help men, women and children manage the crises and capitalize on the opportunities of their various communications and education experiences – at home, school, church, mosque, synagogue, work-place and in other environments.

I use and promote a model of coherent, consistent (ethical) and therefore sustainable private and public communication based on what I call an Organic Growth Vision (OGV) or, alternately a continuum of character, promoting consistency of thought, word and deed.

I help people find inspirational communications and education solutions, rooted in their own circumstances and situations.

Clients discover and/or cultivate and refine their own communication talents by courageously confronting their unique challenges and rising above them.

Basically, I help people find their “voice”.

My own voice was recently immortalized (again) in the Encyclopedia of Caribbean Reigions, published by the University of Illinois Press.


Me in 2017
Me in 2017


What We Can DO (WWCD) is the title of my prospective bid to represent Norwich South as an independent candidate in the 2015 UK general elections.

Drawing on my more than 32 years’ experience as a community activist, this campaign is focusing on a number of themes, including:

A “True Labour of Love and Love of Labour” initiative. Challenging Ed Miliband and the Labour Party’s champagne socialist mockery of care workers like myself and others working on zero hour contracts.

A “Consistently Caring Conservative” initiative. Challenging David Cameron’s and the Tory Party’s silence on and/or minimization of Margaret Thatcher’s biggest mistakes – especially her maternal failings.

An “Honestly Independent” initiative. Challenging Nigel Farage and UKIP’s bigoted, socially blighting and divisive concept of what made and makes Great Britain great.

An “Organic Growth Vision” initiative. Challenging Natalie Bennett and the Green Party’s treatment of its Norfolk-based activist Nigel Sturman.

A truly free-thinking initiative. Educating current Norwich South MP Simon Wright his party leader Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats in the folly of trusting the opportunist, schizophrenic concept of “freedom” being pushed by many in the United States – and their Indian, Barbadian, Pakistani and other international business partners.

Have you learnt nothing from Mitt Romney’s and Surinder Kandola’s mistakes, lady and gentlemen?

Bob Crow’s and Tom Adams’ deaths: a Bajan-Brit movers and shakers ‘twin quakes’ perspective

(First published on Allvoices.com in March, 2014)

For many trade unionists and politicians in Barbados and the UK, it may be at least noteworthy that “colorful and controversial” English trade union leader Bob Crow died on the 29th anniversary of the death of “colorful and controversial” Barbadian Prime Minister Tom Adams.

From this writer’s perspective, however, it is not merely noteworthy: it is positively persuasive!

And that is not just because I devoted an article published here recently to a study of how Mr Adams has been “dislocated” in the popular imaginations of Barbadians.

From where I stand, this seemingly random coincidence confirms the validity of my assessment that recent “twin earthquakes” in England and Barbados were “signs of the times”, meant to alert these twin-like nations to their need to address hidden, submerged or “substratal” phenomena that affect their geopsychic and wider stability and health.

I shared that assessment of those geographically remote but temporally intimate seismic movements and shakings in an article published here on February 22nd.

In that article I noted “the ‘submerged’ character of the two off-shore, underwater earthquakes, indicative perhaps of divine displeasure with persons dealing on the ‘down low’.”

I also sought to make clear that by using the term “down low” I was “not only referring to the double-lives lived by some homosexual males, as revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show some years ago.”

My focus in that instance, as it is with this brief commentary on Crow’s and Adams’ lives and deaths, is “two-faced”, deliberately or unintentionally deceitful and otherwise unhelpful, identity obscuring behavior and “being”.

As I indicate in another recently published article, belatedly commemorating International Woman’s Day, my concern is “the murky issue of identity and the consequent need to avoid ivory tower ideologically motivated stereo-typing and generalizations if we are to avoid becoming cognitively, affectively and morally muddled.

” As I see it, this ground zero, “down-low” identity obscuring danger is something well all face: not just homosexual males and females or socialist ideologues like Crow and Adams.

So, from where I sit, a virtual exile from my beloved Barbados, in Norfolk, England, it is far more than a coincidence that just as the England quake was preceded roughly two days earlier by the one in Barbados, so too the English laborite and nationalist Mr Crow’s death was preceded roughly two days earlier by the death this past Sunday of veteran Barbadian laborite and nationalist Lionel Craig.

Let us set aside the politically astute nationalist Crow’s Prime Minister-like prominence on the UK’s industrial relations landscape and his reported plans to seek a ministerial appointment, rivaling UKIP, with the European Parliament for the moment.

I think it is seismically significant that Mr Craig was not only an acolyte, of sorts, to PM Adams, but was virtually his twin, officiating for him as Barbados’ acting PM on occasion.

And as before, the critical question, from my perspective, is what this twin role playing or moving and shaking might mean for other leaders, like the current successor to Adams, Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, his UK and US counterparts David Cameron and Barack Obama, and other prominent political and trade union leaders – like Barbados Workers Union General Secretary Sir Leroy Trotman (a former President of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and Chairman of the International Labour Organization’s Workers Group) around the world.

I could go on at length about how the workers’ ideology of the Barbados Labor Party that “identical” (more like ideological) twin-brothers Adams and Craig professed was essentially in harmony with Mr Crow’s communist thinking.

I could triangulate the inconsistencies of all three of these “colorful and controversial” movers and shakers’ preaching and practice, noting the temperamental extravagances and excesses for which the Barbados Labor Party icons Adams and Craig were known, and the arguable obesity not only of Mr Crow’s combative style of union leadership, but also the £145,000 salary he was paid for that saucy stewardship.

But I would rather use the little time I have left to give to this solid or shaky “labor of love” and “ground of being” juxtaposing matter in a more forward looking, visionary way.

I am therefore going to conclude this article by laying the groundwork for the study of political pragmatism versus prostitution that will follow it.

You might say I am hoping to make the earth move, for the reader, like the Creator, God who moves in mysterious ways, His and/or Her wonders to perform.

I have already made significant progress with an article I have been writing about emancipated and reformed Irish prostitute Rachel Moran, who has a very interesting take on how the world’s oldest profession affects its professors’ identity.

But I have yet to forensically, metaphysically and similarly (one might just say holistically) explore and assess the twin-like parallels and binary differences between the Inter American Commission on Human Rights petition I have initiated against the Barbados government on my own behalf, on one hand, and the reparations-for-trans-Atlantic slavery bid that Principal Sir Hilary Beckles of the University of the West Indies, Saint Vincent and Grenada Prime Minister, “comrade” Ralph Gonzales, and others have instigated on the behalf of Caribbean people (ostensibly), on the other hand.

As principal writer David of the Barbados Underground blog notes in an article published today, Beckles, Gonzales and other CARICOM leaders behind that project might reasonably be asked exactly whose interests they are representing, as he, like I, and many other Caribbean citizens in whose name those leaders claim to be acting have apparently not been consulted about their project.

I, for one, would like to know how my interests are being represented, not least because I name Professor Beckles, Prime Minister Stuart and others in my IACHR claim seeking reparations for intellectual property and related identity obscuring abuses I have suffered at the hands of the Barbados government.

Barbados business minister Donville Inniss, publisher Carol Pitt and a number of these “identity politics” trading ideologues have also been implicated as persons of interest in criminal complaints I have registered with England’s Serious Fraud Agency, the Intellectual Property Crime Unit, Norfolk Constabulary and, most recently, a relevant trade regulation body in the United States.

From my perspective – and the Barbados Underground editor seems to be in agreement – the CARICOM leaders’ reparation bid may be construed as something of an unsolicited “golden shower”, not unlike the unsolicited, unwanted sexual favor approximating behavior I denounced in my International Woman’s Day article. Such favors, by those professing to be “good punters” (see Moran’s open letter to the punters who think they do prostitutes a favor) do more to erase and obscure the names and identities of the persons they purport to be favoring than anything else.

Watchers of this space should therefore prepare themselves for a forthcoming rigorous study of the “rape” of workers everywhere by capitalists and communists alike, demonstrating a point I make repeatedly: labels, like “male and female”, “Communist and Capitalists”, “religious and atheistic” are of very limited use nowadays.

My goal is to help readers cultivate the critical thinking skills by which they will be able to distinguish the truly liberating work that Adams, Crow, Craig, Gonzales, Stuart, Beckles, Cameron, Obama and others did and are doing from their counterfeit, short-sighted gifts that not only rest on shifting sands but are also virtual dead ends.









In the beginning

At 15:00 on November 29, 2007, I experienced the “Martinique earthquake”, while on holiday in Barbados. It was a magnitude 7.4 earthquake with its epicentre in Fort-de-France, Martinique – hence its name.

Just under two months later, having returned to England, on Wednesday 27 February I experienced the Lincolnshire earthquake, while in the neighbouring county Norfolk, where I live currently.

That earthquake occurred at 00:56:47.8s GMT. Wikipedia informs us that according to the British Geological Survey, that quake registered a reading of 5.2 on the Richter scale with the epicentre 2.5 miles (4 km) north of Market Rasen and 15 miles (24 km) south-west of Grimsby.

As I told Barbadian historian Karl Watson recently, I have a special interest in seismology as a “semantic”, spiritual phenomenon. That interest, dating back several years before those “twin quakes” was intensified by the coincidence of experiencing them so closely, chronologically, though they occurred thousands of miles apart spatially.

That’s the background to this website and a book I’m working on, also called “Core Beliefs”.

Through these two projects I’m exploring parallels between material and spiritual foundations and peaks – like Mount Everest and Sepp Blatter’s FIFA presidency.

I’m psychically scaling the mountains and charting the valleys of human convictions and values: mapping the contours of our core beliefs, as manifested in the rise and decline of various personalities.

I’m operating on the premise that the earth is as susceptible to disease and disconnection as the human body.

According to this matrix or theory, earthquakes and other physical phenomena are the equivalent of psychosomatic illnesses.