Lloyds “bankrolling” Barbados-based criminal conspiracy?


Update: Today, July 16th, two days after I published the article below, there have been 5 earthquakes in Barbados.

According to Barbadian historian Karl Watson (who I mentioned in the first article published on this website) the earthquakes occurred between 07:00 and 15:00 local time.

That’s 5 earthquakes in approximately 8 hours.

That’s unprecedented.

Please pray for Barbados.

Pray especially for Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that God will give him the humility and wisdom to cease and desist from the sinister silencing and suppression of truth that forces the Living God to make “rocks cry out” (Luke 19:29-40).


Lloyds being defiant and insolent.
Lloyds being defiant and insolent.
The closure of my Intelek International business account by Lloyds Bank in 2012 is implicating that venerable 250 year old international banking brand in the sleazy, corrupt-Caribbean-politicians-inspired criminal conspiracy I have been fighting to expose since at least 2013.
The Intelek bank account closure, which may be totally unrelated to the Caribbean-based criminal conspiracy, has been causing me deep and intensifying anxiety for a number of years and is now with the Financial Ombudsman.


But I am hopeful that a police investigation will soon follow and swiftly bring closure to the question of Lloyds’ “bankrolling” of the race-racketeering by Caribbean, British, American and other politicians that has plagued my work.


Resolution of that broader, more long-running human rights abusing, racial, religious and gender differences-exploiting issue dates back to my 1980s dispute with Barbadian political, religious and fundamentalist feminist power brokers.


It therefore predates the creation of the Intelek bank account with Lloyds and I am hopeful that Lloyds will partner with me in my long-running struggle for justice.


But I am only just beginning to understand the irregularity of a series of unexplained decisions the tax-payer-rescued Lloyds has taken to the detriment of Intelek’s business prospects.


These decisions suggest that strategically positioned Lloyds employees and/or affiliates are deliberately conspiring with Barbados business minister Donville Inniss and his international labour union, media, religious, business and other allies to destroy my Intelek business brand.


Still, not being the type to make reckless assumptions about the “average man on the street”, far less a global banking giant like Lloyds, one of Britain’s “Big Four” banks I have been reluctant to link that institution to the diabolical, deep-seated, long-running campaign of character assassination and other violations of my intellectual property and related rights that led me to file a human rights abuse petition against the Barbados government with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in 2012.


But the closure of my business account combined with
1) previous evasive and contemptuous behavior by my Lloyds business manager Daniel Brindley and other Lloyds executives
2) the suspicious disappearance of official documents related to the closure of my business account
3) other behavior which violates Lloyds’ own internally established administrative protocols and publicly stated principals and
4) evidence of Lloyds links to the international labour movement have forced me to consider the deeply disturbing possibility that Lloyds is directly or indirectly linked to Inniss and other persons who want Intelek discredited or destroyed.


In other words, I have been forced to consider this mindboggling possibility because Lloyds did not just close my Intelek account without properly notifying me. (One source with a rival bank has informed me that such discourteous divorcing of small business clients is worryingly widespread in the banking industry.)
Lloyds has apparently also sought to cover-up the irregular, suspicious Intelek account closure by first ignoring or “diverting” a request I submitted to it under the Data Protection Act 1998 about the account termination and then by refusing to honour a second DPA request I submitted last year.


Lloyds’ rejection of that second request, which I submitted on the advice of the Information Commissioner, came in a letter (pictured above) dated 28 November 2014 and signed by Joanne Blake, of its Data Subject Access Requests department.


The Lloyds letter affirms my right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to “all personal data held electronically and to data held manually that is in a ‘relevant filing system'”.


But it then says Lloyds is unable to supply  me copies of any notes or paperwork it holds about the closure of my Intelek account because “this data is not classed as your personal data and therefore not covered by the rights of access under section 7 of the data protection act 1998.”


It took an intervention by the Information Commissioner, pointing out that “Intelek International” is my trading name, and not a distinct legal, impersonal entity to get Lloyds to recognize the legitimacy of my request.



Moreover, not content to violate my rights under England’s Data Protection laws, Mr Simmons or someone else at or affiliated with Lloyds felt obliged to pour salt into the widening wound Lloyds was inflicting on its fiduciary relationship with Intelek (and through Intelek with other tax payers and members of the British public) by withdrawing its banking facilities from me.

It is this seemingly arrogant, calculated, contemptuous and cynical adding of insult to injury that links Lloyds’ treatment to that of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association member Inniss and my other race-racketeering detractors in Barbados, the wider Caribbean and beyond.

A similar other-insulting and dismissing sentiment and motivation was clearly behind Inniss and his Canadian and Jamaican business associates’ linking of the Intelek brand with pornography, through their creation of the “intelek.com” domain name, which takes internet users to the “orgasm.com” website that Inniss owns (or used to own).

Karen McKenzie with Barbados education minister Ronald Jones
Karen McKenzie with Barbados education minister Ronald Jones.

I also sense traces of that callous, sinister sentiment in the silence of Karen McKenzie, Acting Head of Human Rights at the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat.

I turned to the Commonwealth Secretariat for help when my IACHR human rights abuse petition was derailed on a “technicality”.

Having initially shown an interest in addressing my human rights abuse complaint against the Barbados government, when I first approached her at least a year ago, Ms McKenzie has apparently been stonewalling me ever since.

Like Inniss and others, including my recently elected local Member of Parliament, Clive Lewis (possibly), Ms McKenzie seems to be pursuing a zero-sum, silent treatment policy, rather than engaging with me respectfully, mindful of what I and my Christian support network might call the interdependence of the greatest and the least in the Kingdom of God.

Like the recently installed, hubris flawed Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies Professor Sir Hilary Beckles and his race-racketeering, history hijacking fellow champions of trans-Atlantic slavery reparations (including the similarly tragically flawed current leader of America’s Nation of Islam, Luis Farrakhan and various Barbadian and other Caribbean extreme-left leaning Pan Africanist militants), Lloyds seems determined to undermine the value of my races-reconciling, conciliatory, peace-making work.

How else might one explain the supposed existence of a “peace-making” letter that Lloyds claims to have sent me on April 3rd?

I have not received that letter and first heard of it during a conversation with a Financial Ombudsman adjudicator on July 7.

According to the Ombudsman’s investigator, in that letter Lloyds is supposed to have offered me £100 as compensation for any inconvenience I suffered as a result of the closure of my Intelek business account.


I think this figure says a lot about the little that my former Lloyds business manager Mr Simmons and his colleagues think not only of my peace-making work, but ultimately of my overall worth, as a black businessman.

It seems that they are ignorant of or indifferent to the importance of the work I do to promote what I call the “continuum of character” in human endeavour across racial, gender, religious, political, media, business, education, health and other identity “codes” and distinctions.

The £100 offer gives the impression that Lloyds does not understand or appreciate the Christian-care-motivated, inspirational work I do, giving hope to people like idiosyncratic Parkinson’s disease sufferer Janice Gurney.

It suggests a failure by Lloyds to appreciate the risks that I face as a black man seeking to provide ethical entrepreneurial and wider leadership in the predominantly white, deeply race-divided (to the point, in some instances, of being unconsciously racist) Norfolk community.

The £100 suggests that Lloyds has no inkling of or could not care less about the snubs, stonewalling and other abuses I have suffered at the hands of BBC Norfolk, Norfolk Constabulary, the Future Foundation (which operates Future Radio) and business people like Anne Francis, of the feminist business support organization Prowess and Kevin Mackay, founder of Norfolk-based internet services provider Acehosts.co.uk.

It recalls the £1000 that I was offered by Surinder Kandola of DPGS Limited, trading as Domino’s Pizza, to sign a non-disclosure agreement after that company punished my Barack Obama-like, capitalist reformer’s hopeful audacity.


Esther Phillips of the BCC - and the BBC too, apparently.
Esther Phillips of the BCC – and the BBC too, apparently


Incidentally, it also recalls a “going away” gift of $100 (Barbados currency) I received from my former English teacher Esther Philips, of Barbados Community College, in 2006, when I was moving to England with my wife and infant daughter (we now also have a son, born in 2009).

In retrospect, having only recently begun to understand the contempt that Ms Phillips apparently has for my simultaneously nationalistic and internationalist Barbadian linguistic and wider cultural advocacy, I now wonder if her gift was intended as some kind of “hush money”.

Lloyds “loan” of £100 (I’ll shortly have “repaid” that with interest many times over, thank to Lloyds £25 overdraft and other fees I pay dutifully) smacks of the short-sighted, ideologically inflexible, bigoted, fundamentalist Talibank Thinking that I attributed to Mr Obama’s 2012 presidential rival Mitt Romney, when he cast aspersions on the character of 47% of the American voting public, virtually.

Basically, it is the kind of subtly colour-coded insulting and mocking I would expect from the race-racketeering United Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage.

It seems spiritually akin to the crotch-grabbing presumption attributed to Labour Party ‘kingmaker’ Lord (John) Prescott by Linda McDougall, wife of Austin Mitchell, Prescott’s party colleague.

It smacks of the zero-sum, suicide-bomber-like reasoning that I denounce in my book “The Bible: Beauty and Terror Reconciled and other products and services I offer as part of Intelek’s social cohesion building holistic communications and education consultancy.

I am hopeful that Lloyds Chairman Lord (Norman) Blackwell and CEO António Mota de Sousa Horta Osorio will think it prudent to look into my grievance personally.

I expect that Lord Blackwell, a former advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will be keen to demonstrate that Lloyds’ claims about “Enabling businesses to create jobs and opportunity” and equal support for large and small companies is not hollow PR, essentially.

I expect the Tory party peer will want all Lloyds employees to demonstrate a genuine, rooted, and fruitful core belief that “businesses are the lifeblood of the UK, turning ideas into reality, which in turn creates jobs, investment, and a dynamic future” for this country.

I trust that he and the theologically insightful Horta-Osorio, a former lecturer (like the BCC Ms Phillips) at the Catholic University of Portugal, will agree with me that whether motivated by racial, religious, political or similar disputes I may have become involved in since moving to England in 2006, and whether linked or not to the Barbados-birthed campaign of character assassination I have been fighting since the 1980s, the closure of my business account and subsequent evasive and insulting behaviour of Lloyds strikes at the fidentia (Latin for ‘confidence’) that Lloyds seeks to inspire in its own operations and in the British economy.

I am a firm believer that every crisis presents an opportunity.

I believe this is an opportunity for Lloyds to demonstrate an ethical, entrepreneurial sensitivity, rather than revert to the xenophobic, dehumanization of black people that characterized Lloyd’s slave trade facilitating genesis and history.

My dispute with Lloyds certainly seems to have opened doors for the Financial Ombudsman adjudicator that will be taking over my case from the adjudicator I spoke to on July 7th.

I trust that the new adjudicator will find my former business account manager Mr Brindley more forthright and forthcoming than I had.

Mr Brindley and others at Lloyds seem convinced that self-destructive, twisted Talibank Thinking will enhance their credibility.

I and other believers are praying that Lord Blackwell, Mr Horta-Osario and others will work with me and my Christian support network to liberate Brindley and others from any educated presumption or prejudice that may dispose them to such delusions.

Finally, as if to confirm my worst fears, I received news from Barbados about a banking executive there who is caught up in the unfolding FIFA bribery scandal.

But again, I will not be making any rash judgments about possible Lloyds’ links, direct or indirect, to corrupt Caribbean and Commonwealth religious clerics, educators, trade unionists, parliamentarians or feminist political activists.

Indeed, if I put my long-running “rumble” in Barbados’ political jungle at the centre of my seismology and semantics conflating scheme of event analysis, that news item hardly moves the needle. It’s just a tremor.

I may be a poet, but I’m not unduly preoccupied with metaphors.

I am first and foremost a cosmologist in the metaphysical Christian tradition who seeks to engage with reality in a simple, straight-forward manner.

I am therefore more inclined to note events that Barbados’ Nation and Barbados Today newspapers, the BBC, CNN and other news houses are unlikely to report.

Like the miraculous healing of Norfolk Christian Pearl Bayliss-Woods.

Or the fact that the magnitude 7.4 earthquake which shook Barbados on November 29, 2007 occurred as I was driving on the road that runs outside the venerable BCC, where Ms Philips worked.

Now, what shall we make of that coincidence?