Statement on Manchester Arena suicide bombing tragedy

I am praying for grace for the family and friends of those killed and injured by Monday’s murderous Manchester suicide bombing.
I am praying for enlightenment for misguided fundamentalist Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and other conscious or unconscious religious opportunists who persist with the delusion that violence can solve anything.
I am praying for fundamentalist atheists and other arrogant, self-righteous secularists who blame religious people for all the evil in the world even as they themselves propagate bigotry and lies and perpetrate theft, rape, murder and other forms of direct and indirect violence.
I pray that God will help us all look beyond the cosmetic appearances offered by Rupert Murdoch’s, Lord Rothermere’s and other biglionaire’s corporate media monopolizing, divide-and-rule capitalizing analyses.
I pray that our hearts and minds may embrace a deeper, people unifying, simultaneously natural and supernatural spirituality.
I pray that God will help us see that the outrage of the Manchester suicide bombing is matched by the perversion of justice that has been perpetrated by the childhood innocence slaughtering of Satanic, predatory pedophiles, like Jeffrey Epstein.
I pray that God will help us see the great psychological and physiological harm that we are doing ourselves and our children by surrendering our roles as parents to politicians and other so-called public “servants” who play politics and profiteer with human sexuality and reproduction.
I pray that God gives us all the grace and wisdom to see through the sham reasoning of political, religious and other ideologues who ignore and undermine the fundamentals of human reproduction, the highest expression of human creative capacity, and the consequent fundamentals of parental responsibility – including that of adoptive parents.
May God help us to not be mechanistic, headless chickens, blindly internalizing and regurgitating, the morally bankrupt teachings of misguided academic ‘celebrities’ and ethically adrift scientists.
May we appreciate that at the level of principle, the bewildering brutality of the Manchester suicide bomber is matched in many ways, on many days by the evil perpetrated against children in British, American, Barbadian, Indian and other societies.
May God help us to see that there is little semantic, pragmatic or ethical difference between the routine abuse and repeated killing of children and adults by polished and priestly yet fundamentally predatory savages like Jimmy Savile, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Dennis Nilsen and other sociopaths.
May God help us to see that our political, religious and other ideological labels will never justify the child sacrifice we perpetrate when, in the words of the Christian apologist C.S Lewis we shout the name of Christ and enact “the service of Moloch”.
Junior (Jay) Campbell
Intelek International