What Caroline Flack’s death could mean for quantum theory? (Technologies of Trust #6d)

When news of the apparent suicide of the high profile British celebrity Caroline Flack broke on Saturday, 15 February 2020, I was so deeply immersed in my study of the twilight “twin” deaths of Terry Jones and Kobe Bryant that the “Love Island” icon’s tragic passing scarely registered on my revelatory Richter scale.

Actually, I had so submerged myself in psychic soundings as I explored the depths of likely and unlikely “signs in the skies” type correlations and comparisons between the 77 year-old “Life of Brian” linked star Jones and the 41 year-old basketball icon Bryant’s deaths, that it took me a full week to discover Flack’s “Storm In A C Cup” autobiography.

Alternately, one could say that I had been spending so much time traversing the past, present and future plains of the Jones-Bryant study, metaphysically, that I came to a realization of what Flack’s death could mean for my evolving understanding of quantum theory and similar alternative reality measuring systems rather belatedly.

In fact, because I had made a conscious decision not to be distracted by the gathering celebrity cyclone around the 40 year old Flack’s death, I did not become aware of the title of her autobiography and therefore the synchronicity between that title and the “signs in the skies” theme that I have been investigating and foregrounded in this sixth “movement” of my Technologies of Trust (TOT) series of articles until 22 February.

Like John the Revelator, immersed in the ecstasies of exile on the Isle of Patmos, perhaps, a full week had passed before I became aware of the extent to which Flack’s stormy story could be construed as an oracular “self-fulfilling prophecy”, inscribed on the flimsy Cochno Stone corollary of her autobiography’s pages.

At any rate, it was not until the twilight bordering hours of February 22-23, as darkness and light danced a tense truth tracing Tango in my sleep starved head (behind my eyes and between my temples, particularly) that I discovered the University of Glasgow’s archaeological project that made the metaphorical reference to that ancient, at least 3000 year-old Stone in the preceding paragraph possible.

The proximate timing of that rolling “revelation within a revelation” – or we can call it a particulate matter “wheel within a wheel”, in keeping with the quantum theory courting theme of this article and the Air-On-Air (or “Client Ears”) pollution project that I introduced in article 6b of this TOT series – has been recorded in the Twitterverse, thanks to a conversation I was prompted to initiate with another Flak-like, high-flying media femme, Storm Huntley.

I explain the inspiration for that approach to Huntley below.

For now though, I will only say that my decision to reach out to Huntley had more to do with the coincidence of her first name and the subject of male-female antagonism that she had tweeted about creating something like a tropical convergence zone, than it did with her “C cup” or any of her other anatomical features.

At this point, as I lay the groundwork for how I came to see Flack’s suicide as a kind of quantum theory relevant “Shroedinger’s cat” approximating topic of conversation, it may be more helpful to note an “on-air” sign involving the prominent British physicist Brian Cox.

My memory, gaslighted by the burdens of my own ongoing care burdens and crises (which I have revived in a 2016 article copied below) is a bit fuzzy.

Callously, and probably criminally neglected by various fundamentalist feminist and other consciously or unconsciously gender, race and religion racketeering entities, I sometimes find myself cognitively catspraddled by things that I hear, see and otherwise experience.

Anyway, I believe that sign involving Cox or some other attention economy dominating member of the BBC’s atheism slanted, selective scientific community engaged my attention within the past week.

That “sign in the sky”, or sound on the ground, more accurately, was Cox’s voice, I think on my car radio.

That “white noise”, rousing me from my focus on one of my care clients to a waking sleep walk through quantum science, was referencing the Old Testament version of the prophet Ezekiel’s version of a vision of “a wheel within a wheel” (Ezekiel 1:15-20).

And I am stressing that this is “the Old Testament version of the prophet Ezekiel’s version of a vision of ‘a wheel within a wheel'” deliberately.
There is an unwritten, more biological than biographical – more New Covenant narrating than New Testament narrated – biospherically friendly, life affirming and sustaining version of Ezekiel’s “wheel in a wheel” vision, that is not only dictated by quantum theory, but may also point to how the empirical gulf between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity could be best resolved.

I believe that the physicist Cox, his comic co-presenter Robin Ince, comedian and lapsed Roman Catholic Katy Brand and physicists Sean Carroll and Jim Al-Khalili spent the bulk of the 43 minutes, 31 seconds long 10 February edition of BBC Radio Four’s “The Infinite Monkey Cage” broadcast verbally dancing around the question of how written, New Testament proximating, simultaneously visually facilitated and vision limiting mathematical scripting, or “scripture”, is at the core of the “Black Hole” that prevents the reconciliation of Einstein’s theory of relativity with the field of quantum mechanics.

I am proposing that a study of the tragic demise of the “Big Cat” Flack (and this metaphor couples her with the lion of Ezekiel’s vision) could yeild a resolution of that scientific knowledge crisis, or at least move the discipline of physics, and the constellation of chemistry too, nearer to that sublime place of convergence.

I am proposing that the issues of beauty and terror that Flack drew our attention to in life and in death – and not least through the “petit mort” phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, sociolinguistics and other linguistic features of her high risk, high profile “Love Island” narratives are essentially the same as those that permeate all the interdependent reality of the cosmos.

Like the comedian Lucy Beaumont who, in another, chronologically close episode of TIMC advised looking in Hull for UFOs , rather than looking outward to uncharted galaxies, I am urging a look inward, to our hearts, specifically for the most crucial answers to the questions the cosmos asks of us.
With all due respect to the Coch Stone “cosmic ca[r]tographer” Mr Mann and others who would look to the stars for the timeless truths underpinning ultimate reality, I am suggesting that the “rings and cups” that got him excited may point more to Flack’s “C cup” and other features of her “heavenly body” than they do to the sun and the moon.

If my understanding of the primacy of the prophet Jeremiah’s unwritten New Covenant, multiverse narrative is correct, the significance of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies is secondary.

Ultimate truth is “displaced” by intimate truth, at least notionally.
I believe that this is the main point of Jeremiah’s cryptic reference to the “pulling power” of women (“Behold, a woman shall compass a man”) in the same chapter 31 where the game changing, unwritten, heart-focused New Covenant principle is first introduced and explained.

With crucial conscious and unconscious, positive and negative inputs from theologian J I Packer, my tutors at the University of the West Indies (including Korah Belgrave, Peter Roberts, Mark McWatt and Eudene Barriteau) and a number of “Big Cats” in Barbados’ “institutional Christian” community (including Reverends Holmes Williams, Andrew Hatch, Rufus Brome, Noel Titus and John Holder, latterly) I have been developing this “everyday”, commonplace understanding of quantum mechanics and Eistein’s theory of relativity over the past 38 years, at least.

My arrival at my current understanding has been facilitated particularly by Packer’s employment of laws of physics involving particles and waves to “ameliorate” the mindboggling, apparent contradiction between the concepts of divine sovereignty and human responsibility that are central to Christian theology.

This “attention economy” rationalizing understanding of reality underpins my reconciliation of the beauty and terror of the Bible and in big and small ways helps to preserve my sanity.

Like the “attention seeking” former Norwich Justice and Peace member Peter Kemp and other Norfolk, England residents with whom I share comparable “attention seeking” needs I know at least a little about the quandary in which Flack apparently found herself: the quandary that apparently led her to end her own life, ultimately.

As I note in the 2016 article which accompanies the Academia.edu posted version of this article, Kemp says that he also contemplated suicide.

My hope is that my reflections on Flack’s suicide and Kemp’s, my own and other Norfolk and wider UK citizens’ and residents’ suicide ideation will help to stem what I called “the disastrous death spiral that is “gender politics” in my response to Huntley’s conscious or unconscious contribution to the British media’s male bashing norm.

I am particularly concerned for children like the then 12 year-old Isabel Richardson, whose death in 2015 I “commemorate” in that 2016 article.

Now, as then, I am appealing to Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Hilary Clinton, Barbados prime Minister Mia Mottley and all the other “Big Cats” who enjoy comparatively easy access to mainstream media to do their part to promote healthy, proportionate “quantum mystical” gender and sexuality discourse.

To be continued imminently….

Jones’ Jesus-Brian confusion and Bryant’s “burnt offering” (Technologies of Trust #6c)

Dying to be seen

It was certainly their name recognition, the personal brands that Kobe Bryant and Terry Jones built in their minimally overlapping fields with the assistance of familial, media-political and other image managers that ensured their subliminally synchronic, superficially separate deaths significant news media coverage.

But while that mass media coverage largely ensured that Bryant’s and Jones’ tragic ends would come to my attention, as they have to the attention of millions, it is mainly my LeBron-James-like faith in a logical, meaningful universe – or, if you will, in a cosmological continuum of character – that ensured that I would focus on the familial-phonetic relationship between the names Brian and Bryant and cross-pollinate these two superficially very different deaths.

The phonetic similarity of the names “Brian” and “Bryant” ultimately led to me treating these two deaths as a twin-engine tragedy that, with some creativity, could ultimately be used to draw attention to the approximately 1900 years long confusion of the unwritten New Covenant (UNC) with its “fraternal twin” the written New Testament (WNT).

This scientific-spiritual or secular and religious science syncretizing concern with patterns and principles has in turn led me to compare Bryant’s death to similar family tree felling aviation tragedies, dating back at least to the July 28, 1982 plane crash that killed the much loved American gospel music singer Keith Green, three other adults and eight children, including two of his.

And on Saturday, January 11th, 15 days before the Bryant helicopter crash, intriguingly, I had informed the London-based American cleric Reverend Ethan McCardell that I believe that God (or, as the universalist and Lakers successor to Bryant, James, might say “the universe”), has been speaking to me through such aviation tragedies and similar “signs in the skies” for years.

Indeed, on the basis of my own clairvoyant experiences, I have come to believe that in the contemporary “attention economy” , there are signs comparable to the Miracle of the Sun of 1917 happening everyday.

I believe that the significance of these “signs of the times” is being misrepresented by various conscious and unconscious fake news “false prophets”, including secular and religious Caiphas-like, communication media manipulating high priests and priestesses.

“Sun” publisher Rupert Murdoch, Pentecostal “pontiff” Franklyn Graham, Iranian potentate Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pop music moralist and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John and “soft power” queens Oprah Winfrey, Kellyanne Conway and other high visibility, attention leveraging men and women come to mind immediately .

I believe that despite their noblest intentions, they and others may be imperiling other human beings by distracting us from contemporary, personalized, mini “Miracle of the Sun” simulating messages in our biologically based familial relationships and other intimate spaces in our immediate environments.

I will say more on the evangelical Green plane crash, the downing of a Ukranian civilian flight by the Iranian army on January 8, the fact that the Bryant helicopter crash started a bush fire, and the deaths of three American firemen whose plane crashed while they were trying to help Australians contain their ongoing bush fire tragedy eventually.

The deadly, biblical scale flooding in The Bahamas last year, brought on by hurricane Dorian, the Novel Coronavirus (or New Sun-Queen virus, as I am considering labeling it) causing alarm around the globe and the “plague” of locusts decimating crops in East Africa will also receive my “signs of the times” reading attention.

For now though, I will only say that the Green flight was found to have exceeded its safety weight, in much the same way that Roman Catholicism and other branches of Christianity have been doing ever since Marcion and other Church Fathers started putting the burdens of spiritual discernment on the written words of the New Testament excessively.

I note that a comparative weight watching failure has been suggested for the Australian water bomber tragedy, incidentally.

And the coincidence of Bryant’s death at 41 coinciding with the 41st anniversary of Iran’s Islamist Revolution is also not lost on me.

(To be continued imminently…)

“Life of Brian” and death of Kobe Bryant cross-pollinated (Technologies of Trust #6b)

Jones tweeted this poster at 11:49 AM on May 5, 2015¬∑ ahead of that year’s UK general election.

This post documents my efforts to make sense of subliminal, arguably obscure, tangential links between the recent deaths of iconic American athlete and businessman Kobe Bryant and the celebrated British comic-writer-historian Terry Jones, of Christian faith ridiculing film Life Of Brian fame – and notoriety.

On the surface, the lives and deaths of the 41 year-old, black American Roman Catholic and the white, Wales-born 77 year-old apparent atheist or agnostic who predeceased him by only five days may seem wholly unrelated.

My goal in this identities and events cross-pollinating article is to help readers see through and navigate the Gaslight simulating, mental fog inducing faith lenses that conceal Jones’ and Bryant’s similarity and synergistic action potential.

As elsewhere, I am hoping to dissipate the dense secular and religious knowledge manipulating mists that Australia’s first Pentecostal prime minister Scott “Scottie-from-marketing” Morrison and others apparently live in and propagate.

As I indicated to journalist and British Labor Party activist Marc Wadsworth and other Black and Minority Ethnic colleagues who attended the June 6th 2018 Black members’ Council General Meeting of the UK’s National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ) I am deeply concerned about the air-pollution-paralleling editorial emissions of the media industry.

And a little over a month later, at the 2018 Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, hosted by neurologist Dr Becky Inkster in London from July 17-18th, I raised these concerns, some of which both Bryant and Jones clearly shared, with other delegates there.

I suggested to both gatherings that on the basis of the example set by the environmental solicitors firm Client Earth a “Client Ears” legal and public relations campaign should be pursued to address the noise and neurological “particulate matter” being propagated by ethically epileptic or anchorless individuals who currently dominate the Western media landscape – persons like the morally muddled media mogul Rupert Murdoch, United States presidents Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama, pop music icon and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John, pollster Kellyann Conway, Facebook’s Cheryl Sandberg and others in or close to the cloudy Roman Catholic commonweal or “wheels within wheels” and “deals within deals” of our day.

(I have been addressing the consciously or unconsciously dodgy dealings of Barclays Bank, Lidl Supermarkets, Audioboom, Norwich Institute of Language Education [NILE], Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, Lloyds Bank, Domino’s Pizza and other corporate interests in both public and private fora for some time now.)

Sadly, it seems that only death, the great equalizer, will get some people to appreciate the extent to which we are all “identical twins”, like Bryant and Jones, irrespective of our gender, race, religion and other differences.

Only death, sadly, will apparently help some “high achievers” like Bryant and Jones stay grounded in the grave fragility of our common humanity.

High hopes

Bryant’s death was quick and rather direct, like the Black Mamba spirit he sought to emulate.

Jones on the other hand, was a victim of a frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a particularly aggressive, deadly form of dementia that gradually wasted his highly prized speech and other cognitive capacities over approximately five years.

And it could be said that Jones died a thousand deaths, as his power of speech and related cognitive skills were gradually devastated.

Similarly, the family focused Bryant may be said to have died at least nine times, as democratic death asserted its equalizing power, as Black Mamba-like, it struck again and again, taking his 13 year-old daughter Gianna and the other seven souls on that ill-fated, fog test failing flight with him.

So while Bryant and Jones may seem to have been united only by their celebrity, their respective “hot and high” national profiles and visibility, there clearly was a lot more going on in a shared, synergistic sense, beneath the stages on which these two actors played.

To be continued imminently…