On covert influencers and COVID-19 influenza – Deconstructing “dickhead” (Part 3)

In this third installment of my “Deconstructing ‘dickhead'” discourse I am reconnecting with an article that documents a conversation I had with the radical, London-based Marxist feminist Selma James in 2018.

I believe that James has been influencing the politics of current Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley and her UK and United States, Canadian, West African and other allies for decades – dating back at least to Mottley’s sojourn in London, when she attended the London School of Economics (LSE).

That article was published on May 6th 2018 under the title “‘Careful conversations with Selma James ( Cosmic Cricket- part 1)“.

But read against the backdrop of the SARS-CoV-2 silent killer corona virus that causes COVID-19, I am struck by how prophetic that article could be, focusing as it does on the deadly visitation of the “Beast from the East” in the UK that February.

The article begins with a two-minute video that I recorded while walking near my Norfolk-based home, in the pre-dawn, twilight hours.

Shivering as I plod through heavily-set snow, I draw viewers attention to the “silent assassin” dimension of Hartmut, as the Germans called that “unprecedented” weather phenomenon.

The audiovisual parallels with the “invisible enemy” that is the SARS-CoV-2 virus are intriguing.

Note too that “chillblains”, usually associated with frostbite has been identified as a symptom of COVID-19.

Then there is the weather system paralleling “battle of the sexes” or “gender war” that the article documenting my “delicate” conversation with the radical Marxist feminist James addresses.

And I make that more-than-metaphorical connection between what happened as I conversed with James and what happens when hot and cool elements meet in the atmosphere explicit at various points in the article.

Take these two paragraphs, for example:

“Certainly, considering the differences in our genders, ages, races and ideological orientations, some clashing of opinions between James and I once we had actually met seemed inevitable.

Despite the mutual interests and acquaintances in Barbados and other Caribbean countries that we discussed during our second telephone conversation, she and I seemed destined to collide, like the arctic anticyclone Hartmut (as the Beast from the East has been dubbed in Germany) and the cyclone Emma that collided with it on and around February 24.”

And also note the attention that I give to the matter of vision, brought to the fore in the ongoing Dominic Cummings “comings and goings” media storm in England.

Intriguingly, the Cummings affair has coincided with a similar COVID-19 lockdown and social isolation breach by Barbadian politician Liz Thompson, a key ally and influencer of the feminist Barbadian prime minister Mottley.

Which brings me to the first title I considered for this third installment of this “Deconstructing Dickhead” series of articles: Boris Johnson’s and Mia Mottley’s political pandemics and ‘pandagenics’.

The initial inspiration or, if you will, vaporous inflowence of the ideas that this title inscribes (more so than incarnates) took place in the predawn hours of May 29, just before ‏‎06:42:10.

According to my records, that is the exact time at which I electronically secured the original giant panda images, on which I have superimposed photos of Mottley and Johnson – the “head dicks” of Barbados and the United Kingdom.

With the passing of about four days since then, and, in that space of time, the now routine assault of various kinds of information (including at least one rather disconcerting, veiled visual-verbal “insult” by a Norfolk woman driver) on my sentience, it is rather difficult to deconstruct or disentangle my thoughts at that moment of inspiration.

My recollection is also clouded by the lack of sleep that induces something like the delirium listed as a COVID-19 symptom.

I just know that I wanted to foreground the principle of human interconnection and interdependence.

But I am not sure if the characteristic mixing of black and white colouring of the giant pandas in the photo was integral to my selection of that Mottley-Johnson “marrying”, Mottson image initially.

As I disclose in a tweet to the Oregon-based George Fox University at approximately 5:32 pm (UK time) on Sunday, May 31, the panda reference was initially mainly inspired by the phonetic similarity of the words’ “panda” and “pandemic”.

Noting the use of a bear as that university’s Mascot, I wrote:

“This is an extraordinary coincidence, as I have spent much of the last several hours studying giant pandas, prompted by nothing more, initially, than these big “bear cats'” links to China and the similarity of their name to the word ‘pandemic’.”

I was also keen to link the thoughts I share here to Mottley’s recent, repeated and for me, uniquely personal, comments about women leaders’ capacity to care.

Mottley’s words are uniquely personal and possibly insulting to me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because I, a man, and as a man, I have been doing both voluntary and paid “care work” for nearly 40 years!

And I note that the Black American George Floyd who was murdered by the White policeman Derek Chauvin last week also did a lot of voluntary work among churches, coincidentally.

And I have much more to say about Mr Floyd’s murder.

But for now I will only ask readers to note that the name of this man on whose body the hopes and fears of Black and White people are now converging can be interpreted as “farmer grey” – a kind of syncretistic, seeding symbolism.

Mottley first made her comments about women’s capacity to care in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on April 29, a month before I even contemplated “cross-pollinating” ideas about her and Johnson’s leadersip – far less making any links between them and pandas, or any other “animal spirits”.

But it was Mottley’s re-iteration of the care theme in an interview with the BBC’s Matthew Amroliwala on May 26, that triggered a sense that I needed to engage with her now, about her care for and leadership of Barbadians at home and abroad, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, I have deferred the originally planned follow-up of my interaction with Chris Salewicz about Bob Marley’s possibly fatally guilty conscience to pursue the core care issue in this article.

That is the whole point of reproducing and highlighting extracts from my “careful” conversation with James.

In that article I refer particularly to the paid, personal care work that I have been doing in England since 2013.

You see, readers, the core care issue is not only integral to the question of the judgement that the Mottley ally Thompson or Boris Johnson’s mate Cummings demonstrated, or failed to demonstrate.

It is at the crux of how Mottley came to be prime minister of Barbados in the first place.

It is clear to me, that like the miscreant politician and convicted criminal Donville Inniss (who led a criminal conspiracy against me for several years), Mottley had significant external aid.

Moreover, based on my personal, unique experience, as an independent thinking, political partisanship eschewing, heterosexual, male Barbadian who now lives in relative exile in England, I have cause to be concerned not only about Mottley’s domestic political agenda, but also about her and her international allies’ “gender equality” ambitions.

Like the arguably well-meaning Sir Hillary Beckles and political-activist turned diplomat David Comisssiong, Mottley and her allies seem to have very elementary, short-sighted, simplistic ideas about “equality”.

Sadly, as human rights activists they seem rather incompetent – rather like the rioters and looters supposedly “commemorating” the evidently Christian-minded, forgiveness preaching Mr Floyd.

Fundamentally, I am concerned that Mottley may be a conscious or unconscious “super spreader” of a deeply destructive, fascist fundamentalist feminist agenda.

I expressed a similar concern for the iconic lesbian journalist Rachel Maddow last year, in an article about the virus-like, pathogenic mixed microbial messages her “wonky” journalism may be propagating.

Among other things, I am concerned that Mottley’s capacity to care for me and other heterosexual Black males may be being constricted by various influencers and interests – especially those domidicks who dominate media-political pulpits.

I am particularly concerned at the prospect that Johnson and Mottley may be consciously or unconsciously complicit in the short-sighted political plots and planning of persons who are not just content to horde the “oxygen of publicity” but now feel they must put their knees on my and other citizen journalists’ necks until we no longer breathe.

In this respect, I again draw readers attention to the silent assassin treatment that I (and possibly others) have been subjected to by the now defunct, Ilkley, West Yorkshire based website Wikinut.com.

I also recall a death threat I received in 2002 because of my involvement in the landmark United Nations World Conference Against Racism, held the previous year in Durban South Africa.

To be continued…