Please Rev Al Sharpton, don’t soil MLK’s non-violent legacy with Sir Hilary Beckles’ bloodstained hands

Below is a grammatically edited and expanded version of an email I sent to National Action Network leader Reverend Al Sharpton on Friday, 15 January 2021 urging him not to bloody peaceful, non-violent struggle icon Martin Luther King Jr’s name by using it to honor University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles recklessly.

Dear Sir,

I was given your contact details by your colleague Culver (a receptionist?). I spoke to him on 212-690-3070.

My name is Junior (Jay) Campbell and I am an England-based Barbadian holistic communication and education specialist, trading as Intelek International.

Between 2001 and 2002, I was a consultant to the Barbados Government Commission for Pan African Affairs (BGCPAA) established by then Prime Minister Owen Arthur, now deceased.

I had also been a student at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus since 1995.

However, my association with Sir Hilary Beckles, upon whom you  are intending to bestow an honor in the name of the iconic non-violent resistance practicing, peace-maker Reverend Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) goes back at least to the late 1980s or early 1990s, when I shared a copy of the manuscript to my then unpublished book, The Bible: Beauty And Terror Reconciled with him and asked him to write a foreword to it.

Based on my many years of direct interaction with Sir Hilary and direct and indirect engagement with others allied with him in Barbados, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, India, Israel, Iran, Scotland and beyond, I have come to believe that Sir Hilary has blood on his hands – at  least metaphorically and that he is deeply deficient in the praxis of peaceful, non-violent resistance that MLK exemplified.

What Sir Hilary excels at, it seems to me, is the demagoguery of Marcus Garvey and Donald Trump on one hand and the silent assassin tactics of some Garveyites, like bi-polar Barbadian academic Dr Margaret Gill and British “academic theologian” Dr Robert Beckford.

It seems to me that Sir Hilary has more in common with the disgraced Miami-based Barbadian-American Donville Inniss, a moral bankrupt, and Inniss’ extortion and blackmail practicing fellow silent killer, character-assassination specializing “neighbors” Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell.

My blog and other published articles (including and articles that have disappeared in mysterious circumstances) abound with stories of Mr Beckles’, Inniss’, British Labour Party MP Clive Lewis’ and others’ subtle, Jimmy Saville paralleling pedagogical pedophilia.

If you bestow a MLK honor on Sir Hilary you risk destroying your own legacy and reputation among future generations as a co-conspiring silent assassin with Sir Hilary, David Comissiong, Reverend Aaron “Buddy” Larrier and others who have the blood of 9/11 victims on their hands, however conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional their co-action and “collaboration” with Osama Bin Ladin.

Consider the effect that Sir Hilary’s interpretation of what happened at the 2001 UN Conference that preceded and possibly precipitated 9/11 had on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, in this video (beginning at 07:55) from a 2014 reparations Conference in Illinois.

Were you present when Mr Farrakhan sought to incite violent revolution “inspired” (more like inflamed) by Sir Hilary’s incendiary, self-serving account of what happened at that conference?

Please also consider the possible impact of Sir Hilary’s mind poisoning pedagogy on his son Rodney, who killed his unarmed friend Khalil Campbell in January 2007 – and please note the similarity of that date to the day of infamy that the fiery rhetoric of president Trump “inspired”. . 

I recently read your 2007 interview with Wikipedia editor David Shankbone in which you asserted your independence of thought and sense of personal mission.

Conscious or unconscious endorsement of Sir Hilary’s, Comissiong’s, Larrier’s and, possibly, current “gay gospel” preaching Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley’s deeply deceiving and COVID-19-like, information inflammation employing, delusional behavior will put you, Culver and your other National Action Network colleagues at risk of being labeled “brain dead”, UNWRITTEN New Covenant ignoring, WRITTEN New Testament misreading spiritual novices and/or Neanderthals.

Sir Hilary, Mr Comissiong Mr Larrier and others may be worthy of many honors.

An MLK non-violence preaching and practicing peace-marker branded honor is not one of them!

Whatever MLK’s private faults or failings, his legacy should not be besmirched and bloodied like that. 

They and other “bookish theorics” (Shakespeare’s Othello) have more in common with the High Priest Caiphus and other scribes who opposed, persecuted and murdered Joshua (Jesus) of Nazareth than they do with MLK, whose blood was shed to ratify the conscience-focused, UNWRITTEN New Covenant.

Indeed, it would not be entirely metaphorical, using a quantum physics informed concept of time to say that Mr Beckles has both Joshua’s and his follower MLK’s and other martyrs’ blood on his hands.

He and others who undermined and hijacked the proceedings of Barbados’ delegation to the 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism (including by “silencing” me because I insisted that we discuss the role of some Africans in the trans-Atlantic slave trade as traders before travelling to Durban) have the blood of many American and other people across Africa and around the world on their hands.

They may be worthy of a “King Herod Heroism” or “Pontius Pilate Professorial” award for propagating a “critical race theory” that seems devoid of any serious, humility anchored, hubris rejecting concern with the conscientious self-criticism that my former Pan African Movement Of Barbados (PAMOB) colleague Ricky “Bubba” Parris advised during heated deliberations on the UN conference.

At the time the pragmatic freedom fighting Parris – who I am informed fought with Cubans and other forces on African soil – was defending me against charges of treachery by Mr Larrier because of my insistence that African complicity in the slave trade be discussed ahead of the Durban Conference..

As you know Rev Sharpton, none of us is perfect, but all of us are accountable, in this life and the next to the True, Ever-Living God.

Culver told me that that he watched the Twin Towers crumble from a rooftop in New York.

I heard the passion in his voice, even now, almost 20 years after that event.

I did not think it inappropriate to offer him my condolences, even now – as I did with former US ambassador Andrew Young when he delivered a lecture at UWI Cave Hill not long after 9/11..

I also told Culver, that you may or may not remember me from a brief, public, cordial exchange that you and I had at the Frank Collymore Hall in Barbados, where you delivered a lecture.

My memory is imprecise, but I believe that I asked you about your view of the Bible relative to the doctrine of inerrancy and infallibility and its use in African and Africa-diasporic liberation struggles.

I don’t remember your answer but it is not important now.

Like you, I am an independent thinker. I am not bound to the letter of the WRITTEN Old and New Testaments: the letter that kills as silently and surely as the silent assassin COVID-19 does (2 Corinthians 3:6).

I and others are looking to you as you looked to your adopted father James Brown and elder Reverend Jesse Jackson for a credible example of Joshua’s “subtle as a serpent, harmless as a dove” wisdom.

Please, if you can avoid it, don’t send us morally muddled Marxist “end justifies the means” messages.

Leave that to Sir Elton John, Stephen Fry, Ellen Degeneres, the England-based Nigerian actor Bisi Alimi and other “gay gospel” and masked “Jihadi Jane” celebrity homosexuals and heterosexuals who, like the 9/11 Al-Qeda pilots have been hijacking the global gay rights agenda.

Please ensure that your and other National Action Network decision makers’ thoughts and actions are Christologically consistent.

At least postpone Sir Hilary’s MLK Day honor to next year, when you have had adequate time to study the body of evidence and arguments that I and others, including former Barbados PM Freundel Stuart and journalist Hal Austin can present against his name being linked to an icon of self-sacrificing, peaceful, non-violent resistance.

Put the Barabas-like, consciously or unconsciously Brer-Anansi (mythological African spider trickster) channeling Beckles’ honor on hold.

Instead, on Monday honor the Black policeman Eugene Goodman who stood alone in the face of an armed White supremacist mob as they stormed your nation’s capital.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistic from UWI Cave Hill.

My thesis is on glossolalia, better known as “speaking in tongues”.

My references to COVID-19’s information inflammation induced delusions is not accidental – anymore than the “coincidence” of the dates of the actor Mr Alimi’s birthday (January 17, tomorrow) and the killing “officially” in self-defense of Mr Campbell in Jamaica.

I believe Sir Hilary is a conscious or unconscious super spreader of COVID-19 proximal, “abomination of depopulation” ideological infection.

Please do not pollute and make toxic the oxygen of militant humility that is MLK’s legacy by mixing it with that deeply psychologically damaged, excessive oxygen of publicity focused, history hijacking and misdirecting economic historian’s selectively scientific brand.

I can see the logic of honoring the immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci as a means of encouraging African-Americans to overcome their reservations about taking whatever vaccines have approved to fight the COVID-19 contagion.

But until you establish what might be lurking behind the innocuous mask of the silent assassin, cynical mask of Sir Hilary’s immunity from rigorous academic scrutiny and impunity from justice, you may be unleashing an intensification of COVID-19 proximal, delusion and destruction on already disproportionately dying non-White Americans – including some of my much loved relatives and friends.

Last year I filed a second human rights petition with the Organization of American States’ Inter American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) against successive Barbadian BLP and DLP governments. .

I believe I named Sir Hilary, and possibly his UWI collegue Dr Alvin Thompson in my first IACHR petition, filed in 2012.

That first petition was “derailed” and “disappeared” in suspicious circumstances like my Wikinut and Allvoices accounts.

Rev Sharpton, please at least  wait until the IACHR has properly investigated my allegations before you honor Sir Hilary with an MLK award on January 18.

I pray that you will not be harried nor hurried but take the time and do all due diligence to ensure that you do not mix MLK’s dream with Sir Hilary’s consciously or unconsciously self-deceiving grand delusion.


Barbados on brink of COVID-19 catastrophe

Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall addresses today’s press conference

Reports out of Barbados are indicating that the island is on the brink of a COVID-19 catastrophe.

A well-placed source speaking on condition of anonymity, informed this writer that a “super spreader” event has been triggered by a quarantine breaching compact between a British tourist and a Barbadian prison officer who was supposed to be guarding him.

My source, who works in Barbados’ tourism industry claims that the wily and willful tourist bamboozled the prison officer, convincing him to take him on the Barbadian version of a “pub crawl”, visiting rum shops and other similar establishments across the island.

Further details are sketchy, in what seems to be a fast moving situation.

And it appears that local news sources are conflating this catastrophic, criminal COVID-19 quarantine breach stories with reports of a “bus crawl” by three prison officers, who would have presumably been acting innocently – if no less reprehensibly.

Those officers are reported to be seeking legal redress for defamation by journalists, and a number of police and other public servants, including the island’s “Public Servant In Chief”, prime minister Mia Mottley.

The situation is particularly worrying, given Barbados’ small size, 166 square miles, and comparatively large population, estimated at 286, 641 by the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social AffairsPopulation Dynamics 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects.

Mottley – who this writer has criticized previously for what might best be described as a selective, psychological and socio-political sycophancy that has put Barbadians at the mercy of a powerful, global “gay gospel” preaching elite – will need to muster all the courage and charisma at her disposal to pull the island back from this COVID-19 precipice.

A press conference updating Barbadians on the current COVID-19 situation is ongoing at the time of writing this.

More to follow