Australians’ burnt offerings (Technologies of Trust #6a)

This patchwork post is a kind of concession: an open embrace of my human limitation; my child-like limitation and dependence on others’ strength.

It’s an ode to humility:

A memorializing of modesty;

An acceptance of the generosity

Of those who in giving freely become the wind beneath our wings.

The strings in the streams of our theories….

The flesh that fills the ridges between what we are

When we are

Where we are

Who we are:

That bridge amid the branches;

In the breeze.

#HeartfeltThanks to warm wind winging singing Dany Rosevear, the first singer featured here, in the above video.

The words she is singing are from the 19th century poet Christina Georgina Rosetti’s poem “Who has seen the wind”.

I have never met Rosevear.

I had not known of her existence until today, January 26th, around 10:00 or so.

I discovered her Youtube page and website as I was seeking some light about the Rosetti poem – which until today, I was also oblivious to.

And yet John 3:8, on which Rosetti’s poem is very likely based, is one of my favorite passages of New Testament scripture, as those familiar with my focus on the invisible, unwritten nature of the New Covenant, can imagine.

Those who know my keenness to see Pope Francis, Franklin Graham and other church leaders publicly acknowledge the great harm being done by the 1900+ year long, ongoing, conscious or unconscious confusion of the unwritten New Covenant with the written New Testament will appreciate where my gale force fervor for that verse originates.

I can tell you it does not come from Frome!

Not from that Rome.

Not from that room of the blaze.

Although it is clear Christina passed through there

On her way to seeing Yoko Ono sing

On the Be-side

Of John Lennon’s Rapier rhythm.

Ono oh so

Willing, like Lennon

To be a burnt offering.

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