Barbados on brink of COVID-19 catastrophe

Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall addresses today’s press conference

Reports out of Barbados are indicating that the island is on the brink of a COVID-19 catastrophe.

A well-placed source speaking on condition of anonymity, informed this writer that a “super spreader” event has been triggered by a quarantine breaching compact between a British tourist and a Barbadian prison officer who was supposed to be guarding him.

My source, who works in Barbados’ tourism industry claims that the wily and willful tourist bamboozled the prison officer, convincing him to take him on the Barbadian version of a “pub crawl”, visiting rum shops and other similar establishments across the island.

Further details are sketchy, in what seems to be a fast moving situation.

And it appears that local news sources are conflating this catastrophic, criminal COVID-19 quarantine breach stories with reports of a “bus crawl” by three prison officers, who would have presumably been acting innocently – if no less reprehensibly.

Those officers are reported to be seeking legal redress for defamation by journalists, and a number of police and other public servants, including the island’s “Public Servant In Chief”, prime minister Mia Mottley.

The situation is particularly worrying, given Barbados’ small size, 166 square miles, and comparatively large population, estimated at 286, 641 by the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social AffairsPopulation Dynamics 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects.

Mottley – who this writer has criticized previously for what might best be described as a selective, psychological and socio-political sycophancy that has put Barbadians at the mercy of a powerful, global “gay gospel” preaching elite – will need to muster all the courage and charisma at her disposal to pull the island back from this COVID-19 precipice.

A press conference updating Barbadians on the current COVID-19 situation is ongoing at the time of writing this.

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