Google’s tangled web criminal? Bajan-like big data in small minds (#Barbados50 – part 2)


Retrieving my archive – a prelude

First published on my blog in 2013, the article below is the ideal follow-up to my recently published analysis of the speech Prime Minister Freundel Stuart delivered to launch celebrations of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of  independence.

As I indicated in that article, whatever PM Stuart might think in his “heart-of-hearts” or say, as his conscience gives him leave, Barbados currently has a very thin veneer of democracy.

Our country’s democracy does not go very deep.

In fact, by my mustard-seed-science reckoning, Barbados’ democracy is probably about as deep, robust and thoroughgoing as global internet giant Google’s much mooted search engine independence and objectivity.

From my perspective, Mr Stuart and other Barbadian politicians, journalists, academics, priests and business people behave like military police, in much the same way Google’s search engine polices global commerce and democracy.

Retired Canadian diplomat Isaac Goodine who lived in Barbados for a number of years and was the victim of a fraud perpetrated by Barbadian and Jamaican academic, political and business elites can verify the relative partiality and consequent shallowness and impotence of Barbados’ democracy.

In an as yet unpublished booklet called “How Barbados Works”, Goodine has recorded the experience of how he and his wife were allegedly robbed of their retirement fund when they invested in a project called the Knowledge Development Institute (KDI).

Goodine was apparently deceived by Barbadian ‘business guru’ Basil Springer’s and other Bajan elites’ way with words and connections in the global knowledge industry.

Barbadians trade on their knowledge and academic achievements, which is a quite proper and legitimate basis of professional and other competence generally.

I am sure the current senior legal counsel and other executive leadership of the University of Illinois and Massachusetts-based Little South Church will agree.

But academic knowledge and achievement are a very unreliable measure of character, as I go to some lengths to explain in my essay “Informed Faith”.

Intellectual knowledge and related academic achievement are a very unreliable measure of personal integrity.

Take the Oxford educated Nobel Prize winning Trinidadian novelist VS Naipaul for example.

Self-proclaimed "great prostitute man", VS Naipaul.
Self-proclaimed “great prostitute man”, VS Naipaul.

There is no questioning his purely literary prowess or pedigree.

But he’s a self-confessed “great prostitute man”, cheating on his deceased wife Pat serially.

He apparently also beat his long-time concubine Margaret Gooding on numerous occasions and bullied Pat and Margaret routinely, fatally undermining at least the former’s self-esteem.

And Naipaul has also prostituted the Brahmin faith, aided and abetted by the American fantasist Paul Theroux, a writer with whom he has had a fraught, long-running, on-again-off-again, love-hate literary partnership and rivalry.

And then there’s University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles whose educational achievements are only surpassed, possibly, by his thinly polished, fundamentally self-serving Pan Africanist political intrigues and demagoguery.

And coincidentally, I understand that today at UWI’s Barbados-based Cave Hill Campus, professor Beckles will be delivering the opening address of the Inaugural Pan African Colloquium.

Beckles, Jamaican academic Horace Campbell, UWI Barbados campus’ principal Dr Eudene Barriteau and others will be gathering to discuss “Heroines and heroes of the back to Africa movements, Pan Africanism, African nationalism and global Africanism: Their philosophies, activities and legacies”

According to promotional material the Colloquium is intended to bring together scholars/researchers, activists and policy makers to “interrogate the philosophical, political, socio-cultural and economic thoughts and legacies” of their Africanist heroes and heroines.

Will they make time to “interrogate” how Beckles links to the British Labour and Tory parties, American Democratic and  Republican party politicians and political activists, the CIA, MI6, Barbados’ CID and Jamaica’s judiciary may have conspired to have his son Rodney walk free after killing Jamaican Khalil Campbell?

I think such emancipated, unbiased, roundly and soundly independent “interrogation” is unlikely.

Flyer for UWI Pan African Colloquium. Beckles is the only speaker pictured, tellingly.
Flyer for UWI Pan African Colloquium. Beckles is the only speaker pictured, tellingly.




I could go on to list other political, race and religious racketeers – like the Nation of Islam’s Luis Farrakhan, Rev Franklin Graham, the late Holmes Williams of Barbados and Guyana’s Forbes Burnham – who are very knowledgeable and for various other reasons have excelled in their respective fields.

Goodine was apparently taken in by the business speculator (or should that be racketeer?)  Springer’s PM Stuart-like eloquence and his connections in Barbados government offices and its business community.

And Springer, now based in Washington, in the USA, probably still trades on the fact that he is the son of late Barbados Governor General Sir Hugh Springer and the goodwill he enjoys among Trinidadian, Jamaican, Guyanese and other old and new moneyed Caribbean, British, Canadian, Brazilian, Indian, American and other elites.

And this is notwithstanding his connections to the scandalously, criminally mismanaged Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO), of which he was a one-time Director, I believe.

All these “beautiful people” are also tyrants and terrorists potentially!

And through their direct and indirect links to pornography peddling prince Donville Inniss, they are accessories to his sordid human rights violating activities – which, according to a number of sources that I am in touch with, are linked to the CIA’s and other shadowy international “security” briefs.

But these beauties enjoy a kind of iron-clad impunity by currying favour with media magnates like Rupert Murdoch and Barbadian puny press pontiffs Harold Hoyte and Anthony Bryan, apparently.

They are also aided and abetted by journalists and other writers like Theroux, who as Naipaul official biographer Patrick French demonstrates, has a PM Stuart-like “glib, greasy and slippery” grasp of reality.

And I have absolutely no doubt that most of these people mean well – at some level.

Like the Norfolk police officer in the video above, they probably are doing the best they can with whatever inherited or otherwise transmitted intelligence they have received.

Like my former friend and English-teacher-turned-economic-saboteur, Esther Phillips, they probably have not set out to perpetrate or encourage and thus become accessories to grievous intellectual property rights violations and related human rights abuses, but for various reasons get sucked-in to such criminal conspiracies.

Phillips’ case, possibly rooted in unresolved feelings of betrayal by and hostility toward her ex-husband and the vulnerabilities that emerged when he abandoned her and her then very young daughter, exposing them to Barbados’ predatory, opportunistic polity, is the subject of a forthcoming study.

Esther Phillips and Donville Inniss.
Esther Phillips and Donville Inniss.

Has she, like others, made deals with Donville-like devils, himself, like Naipaul, a self-contradicting victim of his own secular ‘scripture’ conceit (‘graphe’, the Greek word behind the English term ‘scripture, in the New Testament, simply means ‘written things’).

Many, like Beckles (and let me add Edward “Kamau” Brathwaite here) are socialist ‘sleep-walkers’ – like Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who despite his best intentions seems set to do a ‘Byn Ladin-like 9/11 on his own much loved party.

Many are like some of Norfolk’s white female educators, women of extraordinary courage and compassion but whose grasp on reality, I have long noticed, may in certain circumstances, typically involving Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) males and, in related but differently configured contexts, BME females, be constrained by unconscious gender-sexual, racial and other creative connection seeking, justice motivated anomalies.

I’m currently researching a story in which such anomalies may have resulted in the death of a child in Norfolk.

But my investigation is being impeded by the possibly well-meaning but poorly informed intervention of some persons working for Norfolk Police.

As with Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin and that internet industry Goliath’s original financial backer Eric Schmidt (see below), their intelligence about my objectives and “ways and means” seems to be polluted or perverted by predominantly secular, short-sighted assessments of reality.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos in Wikipedia article photo.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in Wikipedia article photo.

Like Amazon and Washington Post publishing potentate Jeff Bezos, and some of my former business associates in American academia, at the University of Illinois especially, they look down from their austere, intimidating destroyer-battleship like positions at me, in my colourful little Intelek Bajan fishing boat and assume I will be ‘dispatched’ easily.

And maybe the reprieve my associates and I have allowed Pulse Point-Allvoices’ Sloane Goane, Aki Hashmi and Amra Tareen has induced others to put their trust in Inniss-like, CIA or similarly buttressed impunity and security.

That’s the kind of error we make when we get preoccupied with the sizes of each other’s boats – and banks, as I expect Lloyds Bank’s Antonio Osorio may agree.

It’s not the sizes of the banks or boats or their transient human sheep-or-shepherd owners that matter most.

It’s their knowledge of and relationship to the one who owns and underpins every ocean of human endeavour: the one who sustains all who would walk on the sea.



Another of my articles was shockingly suppressed by Allvoices-Google to make way for this one by 'Corporate Chaplain' Paul Jesep.
Another of my articles was shockingly suppressed by Allvoices-Google to make way for this one by ‘Corporate Chaplain’ Paul Jesep.


Coupled with previous allegations of dodgy tax practices, the recent announcement that curious corporate model and maverick Google is “launching a venture to extend the human life span” allows an extraordinary comparison of the global media giant with Mother Gothel, the parasitic, pirate-parent villain in “Tangled”, Disney’s animated interpretation of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Rapunzel.

And this both blindingly brilliant and bewildering mirror imaging or matrix matching reaches super nova brightness when we consider that Google Inc. was born in 1998, “when Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a check for $100,000 to that entity—which until then didn’t exist.”

What then, might we make of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

Should we think of them as modern Brothers Grimm, mixing light and darkness in seemingly spectacular, but at a profoundly sad level, predictable ways?

Are Brin and Page “angels of light” in a heroic, knowledge-sharing sense or would it be more accurate to apply this term to them in the “Princes of darkness”, demonic sense that we find in the Bible, at 2 Corinthians 11:14, which reads “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

Are Brin and Page leading double lives – one as heroic champions of free enterprise operating openly and transparently, in the full glare of the sun’s daylight, as it were: and another as nefarious nocturnal doers of questionable and maybe even criminal capitalist dark deeds?

Is the scandal of Google tax avoidance that came to the British public’s attention earlier this year merely the tip of an iceberg protruding from the Black Sea of rushed success?

Is it a symptom of Mitt Romney, wider US Republican and Democratic Party ideological rootlessness (approximating ruthlessness) and opportunism?

Is that Samuel P Huntingdon recalling scandal of pragmatism a proxy of the vacuous, vision-constrained and constricting values that underpin the trans-Atlantic slavery reparations bid now being spearheaded by some of my dimly lighted Barbadian and wider Caribbean compatriots and colleagues?

Having said the essentials of what I have to say about Africans’ complicity in that complex, “dark net” trade, I have sought to avoid revisiting that blight of Barbados’ bright black educational, political, religious and other luminaries.

But I cannot help but wonder if those Pan Africanist publishers and “Pietists” have considered how much of the reparations they are seeking will go toward those poor blacks not only forced to cross the Middle Passage but also forced through white men’s sperm and black women’s ovaries to “pass” for whites in colour-coded, constrained and constricting societies.

Those compelled by black penises’ and white vaginas’ glee, to “agree to disagree”, settling their differences amicably.

Oops! Have I let the cat out of the Red Plastic Bag?

Have I resurrected my paternal grandmother, Marion Campbell’s ghost and that of the right, white father my father Geoffrey Campbell never had?

Have I embarrassed Rihanna, that good gone bad diamond that Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson thought he had.

In whose soil the rapacious farmer Donville Inniss would sow his pirate planter’s seed.

I could not insult these untouchables. They are impervious to my poetry.

These ebony erections of Dionysus’ ecstasy only know Derek Walcott’s “White Egrets”, not the “White Regrets” of the dramatist Bob Marley, lamenting his own melanin deficiency.

These intoxicating theatrical twists transcend millennia, not mere centuries.

Have the Herbert Dyer-like high achieving, quietist choir masters – who sing from the same sad sheet, silencing dissenters, assassinating characters and otherwise violating principles of proper, prophetic speech – considered how their poisonous pigment-playing pedagogy is perverting the purity of babies?

Or are they, like that Lost Prophet, blind, blighted Ian Watkins and the Richard Dawkinesque daughters who cuddled him even as they poured icy water on their babies.

The black and white mothers who, insisting on fuelling their own heat, lay their neonates in the snow.

Like Mother Gothel, googol, upon googol, over and over it goes.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has demonstrated that Google’s answers can’t always be trusted.

On the crucial question of child safety, Google apparently reneged on its commitment to “Do no evil” – a strangely negative wording for Principals preoccupied with doing good.

Maybe Page, Brin and Eric Schmidt are trying to get the “best of both worlds”.

Maybe, they are proximate parallels of ice-bound Eric Snowden, espousing ethical, open enterprise, while dealing in their own Dark Net Dresden?

My father-poet, Edward “Kamau” Brathwaite might empathise.

He once said we all have our enigma.

His truth certainly lies.

And I’m sure my truth is perforated with paradoxes.

But I don’t believe that all truth is relative.

“Online information intermediaries such as Facebook and Google are slowly replacing traditional media channels, thereby partly becoming the gatekeepers of our society,” says Turkish technology academic Engin Bozdag, in his paper “Bias in algorithmic filtering and personalization”, published online with Springer Science and Business Media, Dordrecht this year.

He says “To deal with the growing amount of information on the social web and the burden it brings on the average user, these gatekeepers recently started to introduce personalization features – algorithms that filter information per individual.”

His paper seeks to “show that these online services that filter information are not merely algorithms. Humans not only affect the design of the algorithms, they also can manually influence the filtering  process even when the algorithm is operational.”

I believe that someone at or close to Pulse Point, and therefore with access to my business partner Allvoices may be doing a similar kind of “filtering” of my stories.

I suspect that person or persons may be sabotaging my work in that manner at the behest of some Barbadian, Caribbean, British, American, Canadian or other blood-sucking, youthful energy sapping Gothel who apparently thinks they have some proprietary right to my intellectual property.

I have a catalogue of evidence of such nefarious internet and mobile phone hacking and “filtering” activity that I have been reporting to England’s National Crime Agency and will be communicating to Pulse Point Principal Sloan Goane imminently.

I anticipate that Mr Goane and Pulse Point, which has a London office that I have visited, coincidentally, will be keen to cooperate with British authorities fully.

I note the apparent inability or unwillingness of Google to provide Allvoices writers like myself the analytics that would enable us to holistically measure the reach of our intellectual property work, not just the number of views or “hits” we’ve had daily – as important as that metric is, for those of us who desperately need every fraction of a penny we should rightly receive.

I note the unethical and possibly fraudulent, criminal coincidental and continual character of such a breach of Google’s much mooted knowledge-sharing purpose for being, and segments of Barbados’ government, media industry, religious community, education and corporate sector’s  apparent determination to either make me unknown or cover me in infamy.

I marvel at how the unethical dark data mining and dastardly dirt dishing that persons involved with the Peoples Cathedral, where I once worshipped, Voices: Barbados Writers Collective, which I helped found, the Men’s Educational Support Association, of which I was the first Secretary, and other Barbados-based organizations and movements I have been associated with over the years, seems to have spread like an evil virus throughout the length and breadth of the international community – virtually.

I marvel at how the “failure” that Charmaine “Nailah Imojah” Gill, Peter “Adonijah” Alleyne, Anthony “Mighty Gabby” Carter and others in Barbados’ apparently determinedly self-destructive, Talibank Thinking “creative” community have assigned my and Intelek International’s name has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Like a self-constricted and constrained Google search, these online and real world assassins expose their self-harming circularity.

Like the late Prime Minister Thompson’s, the results of their restless searching are predictable, sadly: “Ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7).

Meanwhile, I continue to thrive by the grace of God, especially when I am most in need.

Like Peter Farnum, formerly of Youth With A Mission, and one of the many profoundly, authentic Christians of whose mentoring and “pastoring” I am a beneficiary, I am being nurtured in an ever deepening knowledge that God’s grace is sufficient for me.

So while you may occasionally find me whinging about how the BBC, Reuters, the Associated Press, or some other political, religious, scientific, corporate or other “intermediary” has been side-lining or sabotaging me, you are equally likely to find me making lemonade of the lemons thrown at me.

Alternately, while I may occasionally be found bragging about the books I have written or published, the citation of my writing by Wikipedia, my British legal system circumventing “unmasking” of Ryan Giggs’ identity here on Allvoices, or the inclusion of my contribution to the Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions that was published recently, you are equally like to find me exalting the Most High in genuine humility.

It is the Father and Mother of Lights, who sustains my life – my Barbadian Light and Power – that I am preoccupied with mostly.

As I was saying to two friends in Norwich recently, like BBC’s Melvin Bragg, I too have a preoccupation with my greying mane. My midlife-crisis is already upon me.

And it may be the case that the blackening of my head by Barbados’ alleged pornography-peddling minister of Industry and International Trade Donville Inniss and other Barbadian political “blight lights” is now having the unintended, Bragg-like hair colouring effect of imbuing Intelek International’s work with a kind of longevity.

Still, should Google succeed in “solving death” or aging, as Time magazine reported they are minded to do recently, I don’t think I’ll be queuing for their or any similar scientific offer of eternity.

I am more or less content in my time and flesh – the three score and ten assigned most of humanity.

And besides, given my connection to the Most High through “the Way and the Truth and the Life”, aided by an empirically tested, historically grounded, continuously cutting-edge faith technology, I believe I enjoy the gift of eternal life already.

I believe we all do, essentially.

As C.S. Lewis writes in his atheistic, Aryan-supremacist-rebuking book Mere Christianity,

“There are no ordinary people…it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.”








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