Guardian newspaper’s “creed greed” (Love Arctually – part 1)

A brief foreword

The article below was originally published on the England-based Wikinut citizen journalism website on October 25, 2015. I reproduce it here, now in compliance with the law of love (Galatians 5:14) and in the service of the most sublime “carnal knowledge” scripting.

J. Campbell

February 10, 2018



My dad as he appears in one 'Love Arctually' image.
My dad as he appears in one ‘Love Arctually’ image.


Today I’ll be doing my first public reading in several years.

The occasion is the inaugural Love Arctually production.

As explained below, Love Arctually is “rooted in my experience of the potential and limits of language – especially written representations of language.”

This article, the first in what I expect will be a long-running series, explains the rationale behind the project.

The article is substantially derived from an open letter I wrote to inform friends, family, business associates and other possibly interested parties about the project and to invite those who could do so to attend.

There is also additional text and a number of photos and other images created for the project.

The initial feedback I have had and other developments around the project, like a petition calling on the Guardian newspaper to “rein in” its reporting on the highly contentious reparations for trans-Atlantic slavery issue, also provide useful written and other material that I look forward to sharing here in due course.


First, an extract from the email I sent to my brother Wayne, my local MP Clive Lewis, retired Canadian diplomat Isaac Goodine and others, informing them of and inviting those of them who could to attend it.

Dear All

Thanks for the interest you have shown in the Intelek International Love Arctually project.

Your encouragement and engagement is critical to its success and means more than I can say. (And as you all know, I am not put at a loss for words easily!)

Below is a brief background to the project and a summary of what those of you who attend its first public “installment” on Sunday, October 25th, at 7:00 pm at the Costessey Center in Norwich can expect.



Love Arctually is rooted in my experience of the potential and limits of language – especially written representations of language. I come from a literacy-focused culture, much like England. In fact, Barbados has been called “Little England”.

Essentially, Love Arctually provides a platform for sharing and showcasing the power of literacy to liberate and limit our perceptions of reality.

The focus is on what I call “thought tints”: scales and shades of meaning in which our words are rooted and from which they derive authenticity, as they are incarnated or “fleshed out” in time and space.

It’s about conversations with ourselves (in our consciences) and the love and care we can express through a coherence and consistency of thought, word and deed.

It’s a forum for discussing language as “current” (electrical charge) and “currency” (credibility).

When was the last time you heard an electrifying speech?
To be continued…

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