Happy 93 and please accept my apologies (Open Letter to HRH The Queen)

Dear Your Majesty, Happy 93rd birthday, and please accept my apologies for any distress I may have caused you by my indiscretion of September 26th, 2014.

I refer to my publication of an article that I believe prompted Your Majesty to end private communication with me.

As Your Majesty may be aware, if you received the two letters I have sent you privately since then, the matter has caused me considerable personal turmoil.

I just re-read what I published back then and even now feel somewhat conflicted.

In 2014 I viewed it as a calculated risk…

Did I do the right thing, publishing that cheeky missive?

I am undecided to this day.

But I am clear that I meant you no deep distress.

I am clear that I calculated that such discomfort as Your Majesty may have suffered by the publication of the article was outweighed by potential benefits.

I recall the experience of the Russian mystic Grigory Rasputin, a special counsellor to Tsarina Alexandra, at the turn of the twentieth century, weighing in.

I recall thinking of what his closeness to the Russian throne had cost him: the envy and enmity that attends such privilege.

And I am ever mindful of the cost of Joshua of Nazareth’s courage.

And to that extent, Your Majesty could say, I deliberately chose not to be heroic.

To that extent, Your Majesty could say I chose to abandon the hope of heaven, choosing more pressing, earthly priorities.

I only know that I have since been experiencing hell-on-earth, to some degree.

And to the extent that I have caused Your Majesty similar distress, I am sorry.

I hope that this public apology brings Your Majesty some relief.

Amid the bad news coming out of Sri Lanka today: amid the turmoil of Brexit and other messy matters, far and near, that may engage Your Majesty’s attention stressfully.

I hope that this heartfelt expression of regret brings Your Majesty a welcome release.

Yours in the service of Beauty and Truth

Junior (Jay) Campbell


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