Jones’ Jesus-Brian confusion and Bryant’s “burnt offering” (Technologies of Trust #6c)

Dying to be seen

It was certainly their name recognition, the personal brands that Kobe Bryant and Terry Jones built in their minimally overlapping fields with the assistance of familial, media-political and other image managers that ensured their subliminally synchronic, superficially separate deaths significant news media coverage.

But while that mass media coverage largely ensured that Bryant’s and Jones’ tragic ends would come to my attention, as they have to the attention of millions, it is mainly my LeBron-James-like faith in a logical, meaningful universe – or, if you will, in a cosmological continuum of character – that ensured that I would focus on the familial-phonetic relationship between the names Brian and Bryant and cross-pollinate these two superficially very different deaths.

The phonetic similarity of the names “Brian” and “Bryant” ultimately led to me treating these two deaths as a twin-engine tragedy that, with some creativity, could ultimately be used to draw attention to the approximately 1900 years long confusion of the unwritten New Covenant (UNC) with its “fraternal twin” the written New Testament (WNT).

This scientific-spiritual or secular and religious science syncretizing concern with patterns and principles has in turn led me to compare Bryant’s death to similar family tree felling aviation tragedies, dating back at least to the July 28, 1982 plane crash that killed the much loved American gospel music singer Keith Green, three other adults and eight children, including two of his.

And on Saturday, January 11th, 15 days before the Bryant helicopter crash, intriguingly, I had informed the London-based American cleric Reverend Ethan McCardell that I believe that God (or, as the universalist and Lakers successor to Bryant, James, might say “the universe”), has been speaking to me through such aviation tragedies and similar “signs in the skies” for years.

Indeed, on the basis of my own clairvoyant experiences, I have come to believe that in the contemporary “attention economy” , there are signs comparable to the Miracle of the Sun of 1917 happening everyday.

I believe that the significance of these “signs of the times” is being misrepresented by various conscious and unconscious fake news “false prophets”, including secular and religious Caiphas-like, communication media manipulating high priests and priestesses.

“Sun” publisher Rupert Murdoch, Pentecostal “pontiff” Franklyn Graham, Iranian potentate Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pop music moralist and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John and “soft power” queens Oprah Winfrey, Kellyanne Conway and other high visibility, attention leveraging men and women come to mind immediately .

I believe that despite their noblest intentions, they and others may be imperiling other human beings by distracting us from contemporary, personalized, mini “Miracle of the Sun” simulating messages in our biologically based familial relationships and other intimate spaces in our immediate environments.

I will say more on the evangelical Green plane crash, the downing of a Ukranian civilian flight by the Iranian army on January 8, the fact that the Bryant helicopter crash started a bush fire, and the deaths of three American firemen whose plane crashed while they were trying to help Australians contain their ongoing bush fire tragedy eventually.

The deadly, biblical scale flooding in The Bahamas last year, brought on by hurricane Dorian, the Novel Coronavirus (or New Sun-Queen virus, as I am considering labeling it) causing alarm around the globe and the “plague” of locusts decimating crops in East Africa will also receive my “signs of the times” reading attention.

For now though, I will only say that the Green flight was found to have exceeded its safety weight, in much the same way that Roman Catholicism and other branches of Christianity have been doing ever since Marcion and other Church Fathers started putting the burdens of spiritual discernment on the written words of the New Testament excessively.

I note that a comparative weight watching failure has been suggested for the Australian water bomber tragedy, incidentally.

And the coincidence of Bryant’s death at 41 coinciding with the 41st anniversary of Iran’s Islamist Revolution is also not lost on me.

(To be continued imminently…)

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