“Life of Brian” and death of Kobe Bryant cross-pollinated (Technologies of Trust #6b)

Jones tweeted this poster at 11:49 AM on May 5, 2015ยท ahead of that year’s UK general election.

This post documents my efforts to make sense of subliminal, arguably obscure, tangential links between the recent deaths of iconic American athlete and businessman Kobe Bryant and the celebrated British comic-writer-historian Terry Jones, of Christian faith ridiculing film Life Of Brian fame – and notoriety.

On the surface, the lives and deaths of the 41 year-old, black American Roman Catholic and the white, Wales-born 77 year-old apparent atheist or agnostic who predeceased him by only five days may seem wholly unrelated.

My goal in this identities and events cross-pollinating article is to help readers see through and navigate the Gaslight simulating, mental fog inducing faith lenses that conceal Jones’ and Bryant’s similarity and synergistic action potential.

As elsewhere, I am hoping to dissipate the dense secular and religious knowledge manipulating mists that Australia’s first Pentecostal prime minister Scott “Scottie-from-marketing” Morrison and others apparently live in and propagate.

As I indicated to journalist and British Labor Party activist Marc Wadsworth and other Black and Minority Ethnic colleagues who attended the June 6th 2018 Black members’ Council General Meeting of the UK’s National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ) I am deeply concerned about the air-pollution-paralleling editorial emissions of the media industry.

And a little over a month later, at the 2018 Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, hosted by neurologist Dr Becky Inkster in London from July 17-18th, I raised these concerns, some of which both Bryant and Jones clearly shared, with other delegates there.

I suggested to both gatherings that on the basis of the example set by the environmental solicitors firm Client Earth a “Client Ears” legal and public relations campaign should be pursued to address the noise and neurological “particulate matter” being propagated by ethically epileptic or anchorless individuals who currently dominate the Western media landscape – persons like the morally muddled media mogul Rupert Murdoch, United States presidents Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama, pop music icon and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John, pollster Kellyann Conway, Facebook’s Cheryl Sandberg and others in or close to the cloudy Roman Catholic commonweal or “wheels within wheels” and “deals within deals” of our day.

(I have been addressing the consciously or unconsciously dodgy dealings of Barclays Bank, Lidl Supermarkets, Audioboom, Norwich Institute of Language Education [NILE], Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, Lloyds Bank, Domino’s Pizza and other corporate interests in both public and private fora for some time now.)

Sadly, it seems that only death, the great equalizer, will get some people to appreciate the extent to which we are all “identical twins”, like Bryant and Jones, irrespective of our gender, race, religion and other differences.

Only death, sadly, will apparently help some “high achievers” like Bryant and Jones stay grounded in the grave fragility of our common humanity.

High hopes

Bryant’s death was quick and rather direct, like the Black Mamba spirit he sought to emulate.

Jones on the other hand, was a victim of a frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a particularly aggressive, deadly form of dementia that gradually wasted his highly prized speech and other cognitive capacities over approximately five years.

And it could be said that Jones died a thousand deaths, as his power of speech and related cognitive skills were gradually devastated.

Similarly, the family focused Bryant may be said to have died at least nine times, as democratic death asserted its equalizing power, as Black Mamba-like, it struck again and again, taking his 13 year-old daughter Gianna and the other seven souls on that ill-fated, fog test failing flight with him.

So while Bryant and Jones may seem to have been united only by their celebrity, their respective “hot and high” national profiles and visibility, there clearly was a lot more going on in a shared, synergistic sense, beneath the stages on which these two actors played.

To be continued imminently…

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