My parking charge problem and a Barbados 2018 general election reflection

Parking ticket issued by Norwich City Council
Parking ticket issued by Norwich City Council


I recently submitted the following appeal for a parking fine I was slapped with by Norwich City Council a few weeks ago.

The appeal is a small part of a program of human rights advocacy I have been pursuing on my own and others’ behalf, in response to a Barbados-sown, globally grown campaign of psychological warfare that has been directed against me for more than half a century now.

Liversage (4th from right) and other members of Kotu Drummers in the Gambia
Liversage (4th from right) and other members of Kotu Drummers in the Gambia

I share the words of that appeal here as a template for the kind of human ecology focused activist litigation that I have been developing with the direct and indirect assistance of visual artist Deborah Liversage (currently “parked out” in The Gambia), the environmental justice litigators Client Earth, the mental health advocacy network Emerging Proud and various other individuals and organizations which, while not inerrant and infallible agents, have much to offer as channels of healing in the world.

My hope, at the very least, is to underscore the links between the choices that Barbadians will make in the upcoming May 24 general elections on that island (where I was “parked” for a brief period last October) and political and other developments unfolding in England, which has been my “bunker” since July 4th, 2006, when I arrived here as an immigrant.

My choice of the term “bunker”, instead of garage or parking space is explained in the next two paragraphs.

An heir to the wins and woes of the so-called Windrush Generation of Caribbean immigrants, I share with the Pakistani-Indian spawned, Tunisia-based Russian Orthodox Church nurtured filmmaker Zarina Khan a sense of the wisdom in us all seeing ourselves as world citizens.

Khan, who apparently first “made a name” for herself with a dramatic project undertaken in war torn Sarajevo has said “One of the main obstacles facing us all is the way society hides behind ‘bunkers of categories’. We cannot say, who we are if we cannot say, where we come from or which community we belong to. That is a major obstacle, which must be undone, urgently. My work is about undoing frontiers and categories. An urgent process, because those bunkers are where war begins.”

However, my work, as a Linguistics trained, Pentecostal tongues speaking, studying and theorizing holistic communications and education specialist, involves ridding the clearly well meaning Khan, Barbadian politicians Freundel Stuart, Mia Mottley, David Comissiong, Grenville Phillips and others of the delusion that a world entirely without “bunkers of categories” is either desirable or possible.

It is to help them appreciate and navigate the complex Yin-Yang complementarity that is at the core of human identity and existence.

My focus, as indicated in various ways, at various points in my artwork, books, music and other creative output, is what I called the “nucleus of reality” in my November 1982 penned poem Communion.

And at the time I wrote them, I probably had only a very infant inkling or understanding of how my inking of those three words could be related to or be a corollary of the relatively recent emergence of “String theory” in the study of the atom.


An appeal for dialogue - my poem "Communion"superimposed on the parking ticket I received.
An appeal for dialogue – my poem “Communion”superimposed on the parking ticket I received.







From my point of view, therefore, Khan’s own excessive preoccupation with the abuse of religion to rationalize war is perhaps the most formidable obstacle to the realization of her good intentions.

From my lexical labels transcending point of view “religion” is no more responsible for wars than the secular calculations that drove Adolf Hitler’s, Joseph Stalin’s, Slobodan Milosovic’s, Marshal Mobutu’s and other seemingly blood thirsty, megalomaniac political leaders’ agendas.

And I blame the mainstream media’s divisive, simplistic and ultimately unhelpful labeling  of complex phenomena as “religious” or “secular”, thereby parking those phenomena in facile classification bunkers (or parking spaces), for the cognitive confusion and psychological distress that so many British citizens and residents suffer.

Aided and abetted by their shortsighted allies in politics, commerce and academia, the mainstream media is consciously or unconsciously creating a haze of morality that is as psycho-socially suffocating as the industrial activity generated smog that covers large parts of China and India.

My appeal to Norwich City Council is intended as a breath of fresh air, to alert the relevant officers of that and related organizations to the need for them to do their part to ensure that we all live in a wholesome, high air quality environment.

We have enough of the low minded fogging of facts and suppression of truth by fake news peddling traditional and new (social) media opportunists to last us an eternity.

The lethally literalistic word play of University of the West Indies “quality assurance” executive Dr Sandra Richards, who recently ended a very serious, contentious conversation that she and I were having with the words, “Rest in peace”, is clearly calculated to work like carbon monoxide on the mind, not clear the air, so that she and I can both breathe easy; breathe freely.

And it is not only the antithesis of the healing rhetoric that Richards’, UWI Vice Chancellor Sir Hillary Beckles and other UWI officials preach.

Richards’ threat is also the latest attack she and Mottley admirers, like her UWI colleague Margaret Gill, have perpetrated against me, in the long-running Barbados sown, globally grown campaign of character assassination and economic sabotage that conscious or unconscious succubus socialists have led enthusiastically.

I publish my appeal of the Norwich City Council parking ticket or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), partly as a rebuke to those who like my “bad minded” Barbadian academic compatriots pursue a simultaneously homicidal and suicidal Pan Africanist and White Supremacist pedagogy.

My appeal is published here to remind them and their allies at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk County Council, Hellesdon Hospital, BBC Norfolk, the University of East Anglia and everywhere else in the Commonwealth of nations of our global, oxygen oriented interdependence.

In Stigmata, an as yet unpublished collection of writings, I quote the late Martin Luther King Jr who, speaking to the issue of human interdependence wrote,

“In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the inter-related structure of reality.”

The “greater goal” of the forthcoming Stigmata collection is to demonstrate solidarity with those across the length and breadth of Barbados who struggle with the social oxygen denying, micro aggression perpetrating and other character assassinating effects of stigmatization every day.

As I note in Stigmata “Barbadian society, partly because of its demographic ‘smallness’ and ‘closeness’ and partly because of its conservative historical evolution, probably tends to stigmatize rather more aggressively and permanently than other societies.”

I have also linked this self-destructive, judgmental attitude to Barbadians’ excessive dependence on written things, a dependence to which our pride in our 98% literacy rating attests.

I extensively explain the dangers of excessive dependence on written things or “scripture” in religious and other matters in my book The Bible: Beauty and Terror Reconciled.

Former Labour Party MP Tristram Hunte, the economic historian who now heads the London-based Victoria and Albert Museum, failed to engage with this aspect of Barbados’ “knowledge industry” as holistically as he could have in his 2014 publication Ten Cities That Made An Empire,  where the role of Barbados’ capital Bridgetown in the building of the British empire is detailed.

Mia Mottley, courtesy Twitter
Mia Mottley, courtesy Twitter

Barbadian Zarina Khan, who specializes in real estate and intellectual property trading could probably educate Hunte about the interdependence of Britain and Barbados in these core economic spheres.

Not to be confused with the Pakistani-Indian-Tunisian-French film maker Khan, the Barbadian Khan probably knows what it means to experience significant breathing difficulty through the British Home Office recalling creation of a “hostile environment” because of her proximity to Barbadian politics.

It was through Khan that I first met the Barbadian Mottley, in the 1990s, when I was seeking legal advice about a cricket-based board game I was creating called “Quicket”.

More on Khan, Quicket, related issues of nominative determinism and a brief conversation I had with Barbados PM Stuart, in my next article here.

In the meantime, I would be grateful if readers would let me know what they think of my appeal and if they have any similar legal appeal stories to share.

I can be reached by email at this address:; or on Twitter: @Poeticjazztice.



The text of my PCN

As I told the officer who issued the PCN, I had only been parked for a few minutes to check if I was at the right location, the address of the Elim Church I was visiting.
I was there to seek the help of that church’s leadership with a number of personal and community challenges that I am addressing in my capacity as a holistic communication and education specialist.

Unfortunately, I became “distracted”, as I occasionally do, because of the mental and emotional (cognitive and affective) weight of the burdens that I am being made to carry by the collective hostility and/or indifference of my GP, my local MP, Clive Lewis, Twitter CEO Bruce Daisley, some Norfolk Constabulary, Hellesdon Hospital, Lloyds Bank, Utility Warehouse, University of East Anglia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and British Broadcasting Corporation personnel and other individuals and organizations that in various ways have been consciously and unconsciously undermining my and my family’s well being and life prospects directly and indirectly.

This collective, conscious and unconscious hostility and/or indifference, has created a “hostile environment” that is linked not only to the current Conservative government’s immigration policy but also to the current and past gender, race and religion racketeering tactics and immigration intrigues of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the United Kingdom Independence Party and other political entities.

My visit to that Elim Church and other formal and informal (including legal) initiatives that I have embarked on are part of my efforts to engage constructively with the Labour Party, Norfolk County Council, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, Ishaan Mosque and other religious and secular groups and individuals, so that we can adress the “ambient terror” that we are all experiencing.

I believe that psycho-social terror and/or anxiety is evident in the phobias, suicides, murders, marital breakdowns and other symptoms of Britain’s ongoing national identity crisis, especially in issues around Brexit.

And the state of distraction that contributed to my failure to return to my car in a timely manner on April 22, 2018 (and before that, my failure to properly read the instructions about parking outside the time limits allowed for that particular space) is in fact one of the less harmful consequences of the state of psychological siege that I am living under as a result of my MP Mr Lewis’ and other politically motivated individuals’ and/or groups’ hostility and/or indifference.

Thanks to the conscious and unconscious gender, race and religious racketeering of current and former Norfolk Police personnel and their “partners” in Norfolk’s majority and minority ethnic communities, I have been living with an irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrilation) since at least 2008.

This psyhcosomatic affliction puts me at risk of a stroke or heart attack, a situation described by one doctor as habitually drinking from a river in which crocodiles are submerged and ready to strike at any minute.


Sandra Richards with her UWI colleague Margaret Gill, who had demonstrated that she "looooathes" me long before she declared it.
Sandra Richards with her UWI colleague Margaret Gill, who had demonstrated that she “looooathes” me long before she declared it.











And then there are the two-legged crocodiles who wish me dead because of my outspokenness against their gender (including gay rights), race and religious political racketeering.
One of them, an influential Barbadian academic, Dr Sandra Richards, sent me a threatening message (“rest in peace”) on Monday, May 1, when she and I had an argument.

Like the “unapologetic trade unionist” Mr Lewis, his former BBC colleague Rita Johnson and other politically well-connected Norfolk residents, Dr Richards, an employee of the University of the West Indies responsible for “quality assurance”, seems to think that my challenging of her evangelical fundamentalist Pan Africanist beliefs is an offence that is punishable by death, literally or at least metaphorically.
Please note that Mr Lewis MP recently sentenced me to a kind of metaphorical death by refusing to enter a dialogue with me to resolve past disagreements amicably.

These and other matters weigh heavily on my mind daily – like the “psych ops” that Conservative MP Ian Duncan Smith once boasted that he and other Brexiters deployed as part of their EU referendum strategy.

So, I am using the opportunity this PCN appeal has provided me to ask Norwich City Council to spare me the financial and psycho-social stress and hardship that this parking fine is likely to cause me.

Moreover, I would urge Norwich City Council to consider that given the extraordinarily hostile “psych ops” assault conditions I am currently living under, by setting aside this appeal against your parking fine, you would be endorsing the “hostile environment” that my MP Mr Lewis, Dr Richards and others have been consciously or unconsciously conspiring to create for me.
I believe this is a contravention of Norwich City Council’s, Mr Lewis’ and other public official’s and bodies’ duty to provide a safe environment for the citizens and lawful residents of this country.
In this regard, I draw your attention to at least three decisions that have gone against the UK government for failing to ensure that all who reside within its borders have the clean air required for them to “breathe easy” (




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