Why I am supporting Solutions Barbados’ national rebuilding project

Update: September 8, 2019

Solutions Barbados failed to win a single seat in the 2018 general election in Barbados.

And since then there has been an exodus of party members and/or supporters, according to my sources.

Due to a failure of communication, the dialogue and possible partnership I had hoped to develop with party leader Grenville Phillips has not materialized.

Phillips was always facing an uphill task but a gradient steepened by what may be a self-imposed isolation from the concerns of average Barbadians probably has not helped his cause.

I continue to wish him and any who have not abandoned him the best in their endeavors.


From my vantage point, the best chance Barbados has of being saved from its present, long-standing, deeply dangerous economic, moral and political state of affairs rests with Solutions Barbados, led by structural engineer Grenville Phillips.

I believe that Solutions Barbados, founded and led by Mr Phillips, who is possibly “the first ever chartered structural engineer to run for elective politics anywhere on our planet”, is the most holistically credible and trustworthy of the newer political parties that will be contesting the May 24 Barbados general election.

Employing the metaphor of a “bunker” and the “parking problem” I introduced in my previous article, I make bold to say that Mr Phillips and the other 27 candidates standing with him currently provide the safest most secure options Barbadians have for rebuilding, re-orienting and rejuvenating our long abused, scandalously misused economy and society.

Indeed, as a creative Caribbean change catalyst and holistic, domino effect development driver of more than 30 years standing myself, it is my studied view that Barbadians’ individual and collective brands will yield the richest possible dividends only if they are prophetically (and profitably) parked or invested in the Solutions Barbados bank of human capital that Phillips, the son of one of Barbados’ most distinguished business leaders, and his party colleagues are building.

In fact, were it not for the young ages of my children and other matters which make it necessary for me to live in England at the moment (despite the fact that their mother and I have been separated since 2010), I would probably have been standing in that general election as a candidate for Solutions Barbados, as I was invited to do, by Phillips.

Mr Phillips invited me to be a Solutions Barbados candidate when I visited Barbados last October.

I was keen to take up the offer because, as those who follow this blog and my other online communication channels are aware, I have been questioning the fitness of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to lead Barbados for many years.

My reservations about the DLP and BLP, the two parties that have dominated Barbadian politics since the island’s independence in 1966, are based first and foremost on my interactions with and observations of the conduct of members and supporters of both the DLP and BLP, over several years.

I was born into and raised in a DLP household.


My late father as a young man
My late father as a young man


My father, the late Jeffrey Campbell (of Jeffrey Campbell Hi Fi “fame”) was an active trade unionist and was virtually “bonded” to the late DLP power broker Sir Richard Haynes, for whom he canvassed in Carrington Village and other Nazareth approximating Barbadian parking spaces.

Also, and as I indicated in the previous article published here, I had a brief but significant conversation with Prime Minister Stuart last October and my interactions, directly and indirectly, with Ms Mottley go back to the 1990s, at least, when I was working on a cricket based board game called Quicket.

I have engaged even more extensively with current BLP supporter and prominent Pan Africanist activist David Comissiong, currently doing the rounds on BLP platforms in a bid to see his cousin Mottley and other BLP candidates elected.

All BLP and DLP members and activists are implicated in the Barbados-sown, globally grown campaign of character assassination and intellectual property rape and sabotage that I have been the target of for more than 30 years.

Indeed, at varying times, in varying ways, BLP, DLP, NDP (founded by Haynes), PEP (founded by Comissiong) and other labour politics preaching, political capital grasping individuals and their local, regional and international allies have acted consciously or unconsciously to undermine my and others’ efforts to live by the labour of our hands and minds, for the benefit of our immediate and wider Barbadian families.

I would even go so far as saying that consciously or unconsciously all Barbadians (myself included), not just our politicians, have contributed in some way to the decline of our economy, society and individual well being that we are currently experiencing.

My own primary shortcoming, perhaps, has been my “big picture” preoccupation and ambition, which no doubt made some observers question the pragmatism of my program.

Certainly, since founding my business Intelek International (formerly The Roots Academy) in the 1980s, I have not only been working for the benefit of all Barbadians and Caribbean people, but in spirit and truth, for all humanity.

My song “Small Beginnings” serves as a reminder to me of the importance of pursuing a grounded, organic growth vision, thereby reconciling my nationalist and internationalist ideals and agendas.

Yet despite knowing this, Comissiong particularly, with the conscious or unconscious complicity of my current local MP Clive Lewis, of the British Labour Party, current University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles, fundamentalist feminist activist lecturer Margaret Gill, politician “porn prince” Donville Inniss and other conscious and unconscious Barbadian, British, American, Canadian, Indian, Nigerian and other gender, race and religious flag flying racketeers have conspired to block and frustrate the conciliatory legal and other efforts I have made to free myself of the psycho-social choke-holds that they have persistently sought to hold me in.



L-R Rev Sonia Hinds, Margaret Gill, Sandra Richards, Joy Workman and Diane Cummins. Beautiful maidens all in a row? Or thought terrorists, tragically confused and forlorn?
L-R Rev Sonia Hinds, Margaret Gill, Sandra Richards, Joy Workman and Diane Cummins. Beautiful maidens all in a row? Or thought terrorists, tragically confused and forlorn?



As recently as May 1, “Sista Docta” Sandra Richards, Beckles’, Comissiong’s and Gill’s UWI Cave Hill colleague and Pan Africanist ally, sent me a thinly veiled death threat because I made it clear to her, in unambiguous terms, that I was aware that she had been undermining me and my gender, race and religious labels transcending work for years.

“Rest in peace” the DLP-BLP divide and rule demagoguery channeling, racial rhetoric reliant Richards wrote during an exchange of text messages, after I questioned her level of literacy.

I had suggested her “fundamental problem” is “some kind of illiteracy” because despite clear written evidence of my efforts to be understanding, empathetic and conciliatory toward her, while declaring my deep hurt and disappointment over her treacherous treatment of me, Richards who was at the time in London for her mother’s funeral (sadly), accused me of “misdirected fury” toward her and threatened to report me to the Metropolitan Police.

This kind of subtle, indirect aggression is just part of the campaigns of psychological warfare that I have been subjected to by Barbadian and other conscious or unconscious fundamentalist feminists and race racketeers like Richards since at least the 1990s.

It is part of the pattern of negative labeling and misrepresentation that simplistic secular-religious news separation channeling Caribbean journalists Harold Hoyte, Al Gilkes, Julius Gittens, David Ellis, Dennis Johnson, Kaymar Jordan, Francine Alexander-Charles and their American and British associates (including Sandra Moore, Mike Liggins, Rita Johnson, Jill Lawless, Herbert Dyer and others) have perpetrated against me, consciously or unconsciously.

Even approaches I have made to the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, the Washington based International Center for Journalism, the Inter American Press Association, Britain’s National Union of Journalists and the Church of England to have my dilemma highlighted and addressed appear to have been thwarted, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly by BLP, DLP and affiliated academic, political, religious and commercial interests.

It is only by the grace of God and the prayers of those who call on a “Name Above All Names” (Philippians 2:9), in my defense, that I have survived the conscious and unconscious conspiring of DLP, BLP and other politicians and activists who have been raping and robbing Barbados, consciously and unconsciously, since at least the 1960s.

It is first and foremost my faith in God, which powers my Emperor Haile Selassie simulating “confidence in the victory of good over evil” that has kept me sane despite BLP, DLP, Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP (yes, I remember your moral bipolar bungling, Lorraine Winslade) and other efforts to create a “hostile environment” in Barbados, the UK, the US and elsewhere for me and others in my Intelek International “family”.

This forgiveness focused, empathy engendering faith, modeled on the self sacrifice of Joshua of Nazareth, has saved me from the kind of “misdirected fury” that Richards accused me of – just before she practiced it herself, ironically.

This Christocentric, more so than “Christian” faith, informs my acknowledgement of the “divine spark” in all of us, irrespective of our gender, race, religious or other labels and the limitation of vision and fallibility of faith that these labels or “bunker categories” (as philosopher-film maker Zarina Khan calls them) may entail.

And this faith in God is the primary basis of my support for Solutions Barbados: a party founded on a personal faith in God that guarantees that however errant or fallible we or our interpretations of the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Upanishads or any other religious text may be, we may enjoy divine favor and mercy.

Since initiating communication with Phillips in July 2015, I have come to respect and admire him increasingly.

But I am not supporting his political initiative because I think he or it is perfect.

I am supporting him and Solutions Barbados because whatever this immensely gifted civil engineer may lack in political experience, he seems to make up for more than adequately in a fear of God based honesty and integrity.

Like the simultaneously humble and proudly emerging astrological therapy evangelist and practitioner Maria Mavropoulos-Stoliarenko, I see a challenging but overall bright future for Solutions Barbados, regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s general election.

The planets are aligned in the first structural engineer to stand in elective politics on this planet’s favor!

My own seismology and semantics intersection tracking “software” is discerning positive vibrations emanating toward Soulutions Barbados  from the earth’s core.

I predict that Barbadians will thrive under Phillips’ and other key party members and supporters guidance in ways that the economic historian Tristram Hunt, who included Barbados’ capital city Bridgetown in his chronicle of Ten Cities That Made An Empire, could ever have anticipated.

This is partly because I am anticipating support for Solutions Barbados from Stuart, Mottley, Comissiong, Owen Arthur and others, provided they have the good sense to abandon the antiquated gender, race and religious racketeering artifices of the BLP and DLP, and make a quantum leap out of the divisive party politics that George Lamming and other seers have dubbed destroyers of Barbados’ human capital.

Guided by the faith of our African and European Christocentric ancestors, Barbadians are poised to lead the world in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:11-21).

The opportunity to be a channel of God’s peace that was squandered when a glory grabbing, historical racial grievance exploiting spirit got the better of then Deputy Prime Minister Mottley (or was she the Attorney General?), Sir Hilary, Comissiong, the scandalous opportunist Aaron “Buddy” Larrier, the gay marriage “gofer” Peter Wickham and others who hijacked brand Barbados at the United Nations’ World Conference Against Racism in 2001 is now once again before Barbadians.

The divinely inspired Soulutions Barbados nation rebuilding project can surpass anything that the secular historian Hunt, who possibly identifies as an atheist or agnostic, could imagine, given the limitations of economic theory, which, incidentally appears to be being radically rethought.

The magnitude 4.6 earthquake that shook Barbados on April 28, 2018 (UTC Time), two days after PM Stuart finally announced the long awaited date for the now imminent general election, is a sign to those who recognize the interdependence of natural and spiritual phenomena.

Mottley herself spoke recently of the significance of the number 8, symbolizing “new beginnings”, during a religious service to mark the 80th anniversary of the founding of the BLP.

But while she apparently took the symbolism of the day she was speaking as a sign of God’s seal of approval on her determination to be Barbados’ first woman prime minister, she apparently had no regard for the fact that the symbolism could arguably apply more radically to God’s seal of approval on a new party: Solutions Barbados.

Mottley therefore demonstrated the kind of self-serving symbol rendering “illiteracy” that Richards displayed on May 1.

But then Mottley’s very name, sadly, denotes disparity, incongruity and confusion.

Holding her in as high a regard as I do, indeed as I do Gill, Richards, Comissiong, Beckles, my local MP Lewis, the Allvoices-Pulse Point affiliated journalist and former soldier Dyer and others, despite their betrayals, I cannot help but feel sorry for Mottley.

That is why I hope she has the good sense to try to work with Phillips, rather than perpetuate the gender rivalry and racketeering that has been shaking the foundations of Barbadian family life and wider social cohesion to its core – like the November 2009, magnitude 7.4 (note that 7 x 4 = 28) earthquake that marked a new seismological era for Barbados.

I hope Mottley, her spiritual backer Reverend Sonia Hinds and other women with whom the simultaneously homicidal and suicidal Richards is close, has the good sense to abandon the zero sum gender games that Barbara Rambousek of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  and other highly, strategically placed women seem adept at playing, even as they, like Richards, deplore such micro aggression.

A year or so ago, I tried to draw Rambousek’s and others’ attention to the tragic, counterproductive potential of the London based EBRD’s female inclusion programs, evident, I dare say, in the fact that 84 men a week are apparently committing suicide in England, as business woman and empathy advocate Belinda Parmar recently disclosed on an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

I hope that notwithstanding the phenomena of nominative determinism of Mottley’s name, readers will see the seismic rumblings and shaking that have become worryingly frequent in Barbados as omens pointing to the highly volatile, extremely dangerous character of the deeply submerged, conspiratorial “silence of Omerta” character of the fundamentalist feminism that Mottley courts, consciously or unconsciously.

The Solutions Barbados leader’s name can be rendered as “big city, horse power lover”. And he and his colleagues will certainly need all the horse power and stamina at their disposal to turn the divisive gender, race and religious politics and racketeering that is undermining Barbados’ vital values consensus around.

I am calling on all Barbadians at home and abroad to do their part to support him.

Vote Solutions Barbados and join and contribute to its peace and prosperity building program.

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