On covert influencers and COVID-19 influenza – Deconstructing “dickhead” (Part 3)

In this third installment of my “Deconstructing ‘dickhead'” discourse I am reconnecting with an article that documents a conversation I had with the radical, London-based Marxist feminist Selma James in 2018.

I believe that James has been influencing the politics of current Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley and her UK and United States, Canadian, West African and other allies for decades – dating back at least to Mottley’s sojourn in London, when she attended the London School of Economics (LSE).

That article was published on May 6th 2018 under the title “‘Careful conversations with Selma James ( Cosmic Cricket- part 1)“.

But read against the backdrop of the SARS-CoV-2 silent killer corona virus that causes COVID-19, I am struck by how prophetic that article could be, focusing as it does on the deadly visitation of the “Beast from the East” in the UK that February.

The article begins with a two-minute video that I recorded while walking near my Norfolk-based home, in the pre-dawn, twilight hours.

Shivering as I plod through heavily-set snow, I draw viewers attention to the “silent assassin” dimension of Hartmut, as the Germans called that “unprecedented” weather phenomenon.

The audiovisual parallels with the “invisible enemy” that is the SARS-CoV-2 virus are intriguing.

Note too that “chillblains”, usually associated with frostbite has been identified as a symptom of COVID-19.

Then there is the weather system paralleling “battle of the sexes” or “gender war” that the article documenting my “delicate” conversation with the radical Marxist feminist James addresses.

And I make that more-than-metaphorical connection between what happened as I conversed with James and what happens when hot and cool elements meet in the atmosphere explicit at various points in the article.

Take these two paragraphs, for example:

“Certainly, considering the differences in our genders, ages, races and ideological orientations, some clashing of opinions between James and I once we had actually met seemed inevitable.

Despite the mutual interests and acquaintances in Barbados and other Caribbean countries that we discussed during our second telephone conversation, she and I seemed destined to collide, like the arctic anticyclone Hartmut (as the Beast from the East has been dubbed in Germany) and the cyclone Emma that collided with it on and around February 24.”

And also note the attention that I give to the matter of vision, brought to the fore in the ongoing Dominic Cummings “comings and goings” media storm in England.

Intriguingly, the Cummings affair has coincided with a similar COVID-19 lockdown and social isolation breach by Barbadian politician Liz Thompson, a key ally and influencer of the feminist Barbadian prime minister Mottley.

Which brings me to the first title I considered for this third installment of this “Deconstructing Dickhead” series of articles: Boris Johnson’s and Mia Mottley’s political pandemics and ‘pandagenics’.

The initial inspiration or, if you will, vaporous inflowence of the ideas that this title inscribes (more so than incarnates) took place in the predawn hours of May 29, just before ‏‎06:42:10.

According to my records, that is the exact time at which I electronically secured the original giant panda images, on which I have superimposed photos of Mottley and Johnson – the “head dicks” of Barbados and the United Kingdom.

With the passing of about four days since then, and, in that space of time, the now routine assault of various kinds of information (including at least one rather disconcerting, veiled visual-verbal “insult” by a Norfolk woman driver) on my sentience, it is rather difficult to deconstruct or disentangle my thoughts at that moment of inspiration.

My recollection is also clouded by the lack of sleep that induces something like the delirium listed as a COVID-19 symptom.

I just know that I wanted to foreground the principle of human interconnection and interdependence.

But I am not sure if the characteristic mixing of black and white colouring of the giant pandas in the photo was integral to my selection of that Mottley-Johnson “marrying”, Mottson image initially.

As I disclose in a tweet to the Oregon-based George Fox University at approximately 5:32 pm (UK time) on Sunday, May 31, the panda reference was initially mainly inspired by the phonetic similarity of the words’ “panda” and “pandemic”.

Noting the use of a bear as that university’s Mascot, I wrote:

“This is an extraordinary coincidence, as I have spent much of the last several hours studying giant pandas, prompted by nothing more, initially, than these big “bear cats'” links to China and the similarity of their name to the word ‘pandemic’.”

I was also keen to link the thoughts I share here to Mottley’s recent, repeated and for me, uniquely personal, comments about women leaders’ capacity to care.

Mottley’s words are uniquely personal and possibly insulting to me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because I, a man, and as a man, I have been doing both voluntary and paid “care work” for nearly 40 years!

And I note that the Black American George Floyd who was murdered by the White policeman Derek Chauvin last week also did a lot of voluntary work among churches, coincidentally.

And I have much more to say about Mr Floyd’s murder.

But for now I will only ask readers to note that the name of this man on whose body the hopes and fears of Black and White people are now converging can be interpreted as “farmer grey” – a kind of syncretistic, seeding symbolism.

Mottley first made her comments about women’s capacity to care in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on April 29, a month before I even contemplated “cross-pollinating” ideas about her and Johnson’s leadersip – far less making any links between them and pandas, or any other “animal spirits”.

But it was Mottley’s re-iteration of the care theme in an interview with the BBC’s Matthew Amroliwala on May 26, that triggered a sense that I needed to engage with her now, about her care for and leadership of Barbadians at home and abroad, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, I have deferred the originally planned follow-up of my interaction with Chris Salewicz about Bob Marley’s possibly fatally guilty conscience to pursue the core care issue in this article.

That is the whole point of reproducing and highlighting extracts from my “careful” conversation with James.

In that article I refer particularly to the paid, personal care work that I have been doing in England since 2013.

You see, readers, the core care issue is not only integral to the question of the judgement that the Mottley ally Thompson or Boris Johnson’s mate Cummings demonstrated, or failed to demonstrate.

It is at the crux of how Mottley came to be prime minister of Barbados in the first place.

It is clear to me, that like the miscreant politician and convicted criminal Donville Inniss (who led a criminal conspiracy against me for several years), Mottley had significant external aid.

Moreover, based on my personal, unique experience, as an independent thinking, political partisanship eschewing, heterosexual, male Barbadian who now lives in relative exile in England, I have cause to be concerned not only about Mottley’s domestic political agenda, but also about her and her international allies’ “gender equality” ambitions.

Like the arguably well-meaning Sir Hillary Beckles and political-activist turned diplomat David Comisssiong, Mottley and her allies seem to have very elementary, short-sighted, simplistic ideas about “equality”.

Sadly, as human rights activists they seem rather incompetent – rather like the rioters and looters supposedly “commemorating” the evidently Christian-minded, forgiveness preaching Mr Floyd.

Fundamentally, I am concerned that Mottley may be a conscious or unconscious “super spreader” of a deeply destructive, fascist fundamentalist feminist agenda.

I expressed a similar concern for the iconic lesbian journalist Rachel Maddow last year, in an article about the virus-like, pathogenic mixed microbial messages her “wonky” journalism may be propagating.

Among other things, I am concerned that Mottley’s capacity to care for me and other heterosexual Black males may be being constricted by various influencers and interests – especially those domidicks who dominate media-political pulpits.

I am particularly concerned at the prospect that Johnson and Mottley may be consciously or unconsciously complicit in the short-sighted political plots and planning of persons who are not just content to horde the “oxygen of publicity” but now feel they must put their knees on my and other citizen journalists’ necks until we no longer breathe.

In this respect, I again draw readers attention to the silent assassin treatment that I (and possibly others) have been subjected to by the now defunct, Ilkley, West Yorkshire based website Wikinut.com.

I also recall a death threat I received in 2002 because of my involvement in the landmark United Nations World Conference Against Racism, held the previous year in Durban South Africa.

To be continued…

What Caroline Flack’s death could mean for quantum theory? (Technologies of Trust #6d)

When news of the apparent suicide of the high profile British celebrity Caroline Flack broke on Saturday, 15 February 2020, I was so deeply immersed in my study of the twilight “twin” deaths of Terry Jones and Kobe Bryant that the “Love Island” icon’s tragic passing scarely registered on my revelatory Richter scale.

Actually, I had so submerged myself in psychic soundings as I explored the depths of likely and unlikely “signs in the skies” type correlations and comparisons between the 77 year-old “Life of Brian” linked star Jones and the 41 year-old basketball icon Bryant’s deaths, that it took me a full week to discover Flack’s “Storm In A C Cup” autobiography.

Alternately, one could say that I had been spending so much time traversing the past, present and future plains of the Jones-Bryant study, metaphysically, that I came to a realization of what Flack’s death could mean for my evolving understanding of quantum theory and similar alternative reality measuring systems rather belatedly.

In fact, because I had made a conscious decision not to be distracted by the gathering celebrity cyclone around the 40 year old Flack’s death, I did not become aware of the title of her autobiography and therefore the synchronicity between that title and the “signs in the skies” theme that I have been investigating and foregrounded in this sixth “movement” of my Technologies of Trust (TOT) series of articles until 22 February.

Like John the Revelator, immersed in the ecstasies of exile on the Isle of Patmos, perhaps, a full week had passed before I became aware of the extent to which Flack’s stormy story could be construed as an oracular “self-fulfilling prophecy”, inscribed on the flimsy Cochno Stone corollary of her autobiography’s pages.

At any rate, it was not until the twilight bordering hours of February 22-23, as darkness and light danced a tense truth tracing Tango in my sleep starved head (behind my eyes and between my temples, particularly) that I discovered the University of Glasgow’s archaeological project that made the metaphorical reference to that ancient, at least 3000 year-old Stone in the preceding paragraph possible.

The proximate timing of that rolling “revelation within a revelation” – or we can call it a particulate matter “wheel within a wheel”, in keeping with the quantum theory courting theme of this article and the Air-On-Air (or “Client Ears”) pollution project that I introduced in article 6b of this TOT series – has been recorded in the Twitterverse, thanks to a conversation I was prompted to initiate with another Flak-like, high-flying media femme, Storm Huntley.

I explain the inspiration for that approach to Huntley below.

For now though, I will only say that my decision to reach out to Huntley had more to do with the coincidence of her first name and the subject of male-female antagonism that she had tweeted about creating something like a tropical convergence zone, than it did with her “C cup” or any of her other anatomical features.

At this point, as I lay the groundwork for how I came to see Flack’s suicide as a kind of quantum theory relevant “Shroedinger’s cat” approximating topic of conversation, it may be more helpful to note an “on-air” sign involving the prominent British physicist Brian Cox.

My memory, gaslighted by the burdens of my own ongoing care burdens and crises (which I have revived in a 2016 article copied below) is a bit fuzzy.

Callously, and probably criminally neglected by various fundamentalist feminist and other consciously or unconsciously gender, race and religion racketeering entities, I sometimes find myself cognitively catspraddled by things that I hear, see and otherwise experience.

Anyway, I believe that sign involving Cox or some other attention economy dominating member of the BBC’s atheism slanted, selective scientific community engaged my attention within the past week.

That “sign in the sky”, or sound on the ground, more accurately, was Cox’s voice, I think on my car radio.

That “white noise”, rousing me from my focus on one of my care clients to a waking sleep walk through quantum science, was referencing the Old Testament version of the prophet Ezekiel’s version of a vision of “a wheel within a wheel” (Ezekiel 1:15-20).

And I am stressing that this is “the Old Testament version of the prophet Ezekiel’s version of a vision of ‘a wheel within a wheel'” deliberately.
There is an unwritten, more biological than biographical – more New Covenant narrating than New Testament narrated – biospherically friendly, life affirming and sustaining version of Ezekiel’s “wheel in a wheel” vision, that is not only dictated by quantum theory, but may also point to how the empirical gulf between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity could be best resolved.

I believe that the physicist Cox, his comic co-presenter Robin Ince, comedian and lapsed Roman Catholic Katy Brand and physicists Sean Carroll and Jim Al-Khalili spent the bulk of the 43 minutes, 31 seconds long 10 February edition of BBC Radio Four’s “The Infinite Monkey Cage” broadcast verbally dancing around the question of how written, New Testament proximating, simultaneously visually facilitated and vision limiting mathematical scripting, or “scripture”, is at the core of the “Black Hole” that prevents the reconciliation of Einstein’s theory of relativity with the field of quantum mechanics.

I am proposing that a study of the tragic demise of the “Big Cat” Flack (and this metaphor couples her with the lion of Ezekiel’s vision) could yeild a resolution of that scientific knowledge crisis, or at least move the discipline of physics, and the constellation of chemistry too, nearer to that sublime place of convergence.

I am proposing that the issues of beauty and terror that Flack drew our attention to in life and in death – and not least through the “petit mort” phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, sociolinguistics and other linguistic features of her high risk, high profile “Love Island” narratives are essentially the same as those that permeate all the interdependent reality of the cosmos.

Like the comedian Lucy Beaumont who, in another, chronologically close episode of TIMC advised looking in Hull for UFOs , rather than looking outward to uncharted galaxies, I am urging a look inward, to our hearts, specifically for the most crucial answers to the questions the cosmos asks of us.
With all due respect to the Coch Stone “cosmic ca[r]tographer” Mr Mann and others who would look to the stars for the timeless truths underpinning ultimate reality, I am suggesting that the “rings and cups” that got him excited may point more to Flack’s “C cup” and other features of her “heavenly body” than they do to the sun and the moon.

If my understanding of the primacy of the prophet Jeremiah’s unwritten New Covenant, multiverse narrative is correct, the significance of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies is secondary.

Ultimate truth is “displaced” by intimate truth, at least notionally.
I believe that this is the main point of Jeremiah’s cryptic reference to the “pulling power” of women (“Behold, a woman shall compass a man”) in the same chapter 31 where the game changing, unwritten, heart-focused New Covenant principle is first introduced and explained.

With crucial conscious and unconscious, positive and negative inputs from theologian J I Packer, my tutors at the University of the West Indies (including Korah Belgrave, Peter Roberts, Mark McWatt and Eudene Barriteau) and a number of “Big Cats” in Barbados’ “institutional Christian” community (including Reverends Holmes Williams, Andrew Hatch, Rufus Brome, Noel Titus and John Holder, latterly) I have been developing this “everyday”, commonplace understanding of how quantum mechanics and Eistein’s theory of relativity over the past 38 years, at least.

My arrival at my current understanding has been facilitated particularly by Packer’s employment of laws of physics involving particles and waves to “ameliorate” the mindboggling, apparent contradiction between the concepts of divine sovereignty and human responsibility that are central to Christian theology.

This “attention economy” rationalizing understanding of reality underpins my reconciliation of the beauty and terror of the Bible and in big and small ways helps to preserve my sanity.

Like the “attention seeking” former Norwich Justice and Peace member Peter Kemp and other Norfolk, England residents with whom I share comparable “attention seeking” needs I know at least a little about the quandary in which Flak apparently found herself: the quandary that apparently led her to end her own life, ultimately.

As I note in the 2016 article which accompanies the Academia.edu posted version of this article, Kemp says that he also contemplated suicide.

My hope is that my reflections on Flack’s suicide and Kemp’s, my own and other Norfolk and wider UK citizens’ and residents’ suicide ideation will help to stem what I called “the disastrous death spiral that is “gender politics” in my response to Huntley’s conscious or unconscious contribution to the British media’s male bashing norm.

I am particularly concerned for children like the then 12 year-old Isabel Richardson, whose death in 2015 I “commemorate” in that 2016 article.

Now, as then, I am appealing to Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Hilary Clinton, Barbados prime Minister Mia Mottley and all the other “Big Cats” who enjoy comparatively easy access to mainstream media to do their part to promote healthy, proportionate “quantum mystical” gender and sexuality discourse.

To be continued imminently….

Jones’ Jesus-Brian confusion and Bryant’s “burnt offering” (Technologies of Trust #6c)

Dying to be seen

It was certainly their name recognition, the personal brands that Kobe Bryant and Terry Jones built in their minimally overlapping fields with the assistance of familial, media-political and other image managers that ensured their subliminally synchronic, superficially separate deaths significant news media coverage.

But while that mass media coverage largely ensured that Bryant’s and Jones’ tragic ends would come to my attention, as they have to the attention of millions, it is mainly my LeBron-James-like faith in a logical, meaningful universe – or, if you will, in a cosmological continuum of character – that ensured that I would focus on the familial-phonetic relationship between the names Brian and Bryant and cross-pollinate these two superficially very different deaths.

The phonetic similarity of the names “Brian” and “Bryant” ultimately led to me treating these two deaths as a twin-engine tragedy that, with some creativity, could ultimately be used to draw attention to the approximately 1900 years long confusion of the unwritten New Covenant (UNC) with its “fraternal twin” the written New Testament (WNT).

This scientific-spiritual or secular and religious science syncretizing concern with patterns and principles has in turn led me to compare Bryant’s death to similar family tree felling aviation tragedies, dating back at least to the July 28, 1982 plane crash that killed the much loved American gospel music singer Keith Green, three other adults and eight children, including two of his.

And on Saturday, January 11th, 15 days before the Bryant helicopter crash, intriguingly, I had informed the London-based American cleric Reverend Ethan McCardell that I believe that God (or, as the universalist and Lakers successor to Bryant, James, might say “the universe”), has been speaking to me through such aviation tragedies and similar “signs in the skies” for years.

Indeed, on the basis of my own clairvoyant experiences, I have come to believe that in the contemporary “attention economy” , there are signs comparable to the Miracle of the Sun of 1917 happening everyday.

I believe that the significance of these “signs of the times” is being misrepresented by various conscious and unconscious fake news “false prophets”, including secular and religious Caiphas-like, communication media manipulating high priests and priestesses.

“Sun” publisher Rupert Murdoch, Pentecostal “pontiff” Franklyn Graham, Iranian potentate Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pop music moralist and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John and “soft power” queens Oprah Winfrey, Kellyanne Conway and other high visibility, attention leveraging men and women come to mind immediately .

I believe that despite their noblest intentions, they and others may be imperiling other human beings by distracting us from contemporary, personalized, mini “Miracle of the Sun” simulating messages in our biologically based familial relationships and other intimate spaces in our immediate environments.

I will say more on the evangelical Green plane crash, the downing of a Ukranian civilian flight by the Iranian army on January 8, the fact that the Bryant helicopter crash started a bush fire, and the deaths of three American firemen whose plane crashed while they were trying to help Australians contain their ongoing bush fire tragedy eventually.

The deadly, biblical scale flooding in The Bahamas last year, brought on by hurricane Dorian, the Novel Coronavirus (or New Sun-Queen virus, as I am considering labeling it) causing alarm around the globe and the “plague” of locusts decimating crops in East Africa will also receive my “signs of the times” reading attention.

For now though, I will only say that the Green flight was found to have exceeded its safety weight, in much the same way that Roman Catholicism and other branches of Christianity have been doing ever since Marcion and other Church Fathers started putting the burdens of spiritual discernment on the written words of the New Testament excessively.

I note that a comparative weight watching failure has been suggested for the Australian water bomber tragedy, incidentally.

And the coincidence of Bryant’s death at 41 coinciding with the 41st anniversary of Iran’s Islamist Revolution is also not lost on me.

(To be continued imminently…)

“Life of Brian” and death of Kobe Bryant cross-pollinated (Technologies of Trust #6b)

Jones tweeted this poster at 11:49 AM on May 5, 2015· ahead of that year’s UK general election.

This post documents my efforts to make sense of subliminal, arguably obscure, tangential links between the recent deaths of iconic American athlete and businessman Kobe Bryant and the celebrated British comic-writer-historian Terry Jones, of Christian faith ridiculing film Life Of Brian fame – and notoriety.

On the surface, the lives and deaths of the 41 year-old, black American Roman Catholic and the white, Wales-born 77 year-old apparent atheist or agnostic who predeceased him by only five days may seem wholly unrelated.

My goal in this identities and events cross-pollinating article is to help readers see through and navigate the Gaslight simulating, mental fog inducing faith lenses that conceal Jones’ and Bryant’s similarity and synergistic action potential.

As elsewhere, I am hoping to dissipate the dense secular and religious knowledge manipulating mists that Australia’s first Pentecostal prime minister Scott “Scottie-from-marketing” Morrison and others apparently live in and propagate.

As I indicated to journalist and British Labor Party activist Marc Wadsworth and other Black and Minority Ethnic colleagues who attended the June 6th 2018 Black members’ Council General Meeting of the UK’s National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ) I am deeply concerned about the air-pollution-paralleling editorial emissions of the media industry.

And a little over a month later, at the 2018 Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, hosted by neurologist Dr Becky Inkster in London from July 17-18th, I raised these concerns, some of which both Bryant and Jones clearly shared, with other delegates there.

I suggested to both gatherings that on the basis of the example set by the environmental solicitors firm Client Earth a “Client Ears” legal and public relations campaign should be pursued to address the noise and neurological “particulate matter” being propagated by ethically epileptic or anchorless individuals who currently dominate the Western media landscape – persons like the morally muddled media mogul Rupert Murdoch, United States presidents Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama, pop music icon and “gay gospel” marketeer Sir Elton John, pollster Kellyann Conway, Facebook’s Cheryl Sandberg and others in or close to the cloudy Roman Catholic commonweal or “wheels within wheels” and “deals within deals” of our day.

(I have been addressing the consciously or unconsciously dodgy dealings of Barclays Bank, Lidl Supermarkets, Audioboom, Norwich Institute of Language Education [NILE], Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, Lloyds Bank, Domino’s Pizza and other corporate interests in both public and private fora for some time now.)

Sadly, it seems that only death, the great equalizer, will get some people to appreciate the extent to which we are all “identical twins”, like Bryant and Jones, irrespective of our gender, race, religion and other differences.

Only death, sadly, will apparently help some “high achievers” like Bryant and Jones stay grounded in the grave fragility of our common humanity.

High hopes

Bryant’s death was quick and rather direct, like the Black Mamba spirit he sought to emulate.

Jones on the other hand, was a victim of a frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a particularly aggressive, deadly form of dementia that gradually wasted his highly prized speech and other cognitive capacities over approximately five years.

And it could be said that Jones died a thousand deaths, as his power of speech and related cognitive skills were gradually devastated.

Similarly, the family focused Bryant may be said to have died at least nine times, as democratic death asserted its equalizing power, as Black Mamba-like, it struck again and again, taking his 13 year-old daughter Gianna and the other seven souls on that ill-fated, fog test failing flight with him.

So while Bryant and Jones may seem to have been united only by their celebrity, their respective “hot and high” national profiles and visibility, there clearly was a lot more going on in a shared, synergistic sense, beneath the stages on which these two actors played.

To be continued imminently…

Australians’ burnt offerings (Technologies of Trust #6a)

This patchwork post is a kind of concession: an open embrace of my human limitation; my child-like limitation and dependence on others’ strength.

It’s an ode to humility:

A memorializing of modesty;

An acceptance of the generosity

Of those who in giving freely become the wind beneath our wings.

The strings in the streams of our theories….

The flesh that fills the ridges between what we are

When we are

Where we are

Who we are:

That bridge amid the branches;

In the breeze.

#HeartfeltThanks to warm wind winging singing Dany Rosevear, the first singer featured here, in the above video.

The words she is singing are from the 19th century poet Christina Georgina Rosetti’s poem “Who has seen the wind”.

I have never met Rosevear.

I had not known of her existence until today, January 26th, around 10:00 or so.

I discovered her Youtube page and website as I was seeking some light about the Rosetti poem – which until today, I was also oblivious to.

And yet John 3:8, on which Rosetti’s poem is very likely based, is one of my favorite passages of New Testament scripture, as those familiar with my focus on the invisible, unwritten nature of the New Covenant, can imagine.

Those who know my keenness to see Pope Francis, Franklin Graham and other church leaders publicly acknowledge the great harm being done by the 1900+ year long, ongoing, conscious or unconscious confusion of the unwritten New Covenant with the written New Testament will appreciate where my gale force fervor for that verse originates.

I can tell you it does not come from Frome!

Not from that Rome.

Not from that room of the blaze.

Although it is clear Christina passed through there

On her way to seeing Yoko Ono sing

On the Be-side

Of John Lennon’s Rapier rhythm.

Ono oh so

Willing, like Lennon

To be a burnt offering.

Australians’ burning ambition (Technologies of Trust #6)

As Australia burns, what might we learn, individually and collectively?

I think there is a lesson about poetic justice here: a lesson about cosmologically fair outcomes, as I indicated in a January 3rd tweet thread.

Responding to a reflection about Australia’s unprecedented, deadly bush fires by Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies at the University of Edinburgh, on the BBC Radio 4 program Thought for the Day, I published the arguably incendiary idea that those lightning generating fires might be a form of divine retribution for Australia’s political gaslighting immigration policies.

And I must point out here that since I started writing this article on January 16th, under the title “Melbourne burning”, my understanding of the word gaslighting has deepened and evolved considerably.

I started out with a superficial, rather misleading sense of that word, thinking that it denoted a blatant, obvious mode of political incitement and instigation — the kind of verbal behavior that has made United States president Donald Trump infamous.

I now have a deeper and still deepening, time and space filling grasp of its more accurate use as a synonym for subtle “brain washing” and other covert forms of psychological warfare: the kind of mental undermining that I have been addressing in a number of initiatives, including previous installments in this Technologies of Trust series of events and articles.

I am now more inclined to associate “gaslighting” with the indirect, chthonic gender, racial and religious micro aggression employed consciously or unconsciously by University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles, media baron Rupert Murdoch, British economist Ruth Lea and others who have been waging psychological warfare on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

And readers should note that consistent with my generally cautious New Covenant nous (“nous” is pronounced like “mouse”) informed, conscientious approach to questions of divine judgement, I published this potentially divisive, possibly deeply hurtful suggestion of a link between those fires that have claimed at least 29 lives and the New Zealand mosques attack in the form of a question.

And that is because I had no desire to contribute to the self-destructive, political gaslighting or flame throwing that I was challenging in the tweet thread I posted at 9:20 the morning of January 3rd.

Like conciliatory approaches I have been making since 2017 to my apparently atheistic, lewd, bestiality-humor-backfiring branded local MP Clive Lewis, in an effort to peacefully resolve past differences, my tweet thread was an invitation to prof Siddiqui and others of all faiths and none to have a dialogue with me.

Like the “Spirited Sport” football match I organized between Norfolk-based Roman Catholic Christians and Muslims in 2007, it was intended to initiate an open-ended dialogue: a constructive conversation about the metaphysical reality in which we all live and move and have our being, as offspring of Divine Essence (Acts 17:28).

I remain firmly convinced that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have more in common than differences, both positively and negatively, as “religions of the book”.

Having thus transcended the terrors of that text trapped and trapping, familial faith-based love triangle, by untangling the reality of the unwritten New Covenant from its written representations, I would have to be out of my mind to let my mind be ensnared again, as it was between 1982 and 1987, by any other “bookish theoric”, reality reducing secular or religious divisions.

So however strongly I was and remain convinced that those deadly wild fires entail a cosmological or karmic response to the murderous, Aryan supremacist excesses of the self-described Australian “ethno-nationalist” (Nazi) mass murderer, as the second tweet in that January 3rd thread suggests, I am mindful that my compatriot Rev Dr Sonia Hinds, English cleric Rev Laura Fawcett and other theists might have another take on the matter.

Even as I noted the bush fires focused New South Wales roots of that heart-hardened, brain dead, morally muddled, self proclaimed Christian “knight”, I was mindful that physicists professor Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalili and other science preaching souls might not accept that detail as evidence of a cosmic correlation between the fires and tragic mass murders perpetrated by that miscreant Australian: they might reject the poetic justice rounding or reconciliation of Australia’s immigration policy accounts that I offer in my Siddiqui-triggered-thread.

(And in noting that Australian misanthrope’s murderously muddled, tragically twisted incarnation of the notion of chivalry, I am urging persons reading this article to view president Trump’s efforts to reach out to Roman Catholic knights similarly.

More on that, and particularly on how Trump’s Catholic agenda may be being facilitated by his “rabble rousing” Roman Catholic adviser Kellyanne Conway in the next TOT article.)

I am mindful, even now, that “gay gospel” preaching Sir Elton John and his primacy of heterosexual reproduction challenging complementary Christian counterpoint, president Trump, who challenges the primacy of natural reproduction on other fronts, might not find my arguments compelling.

And I respect their right to disagree with me, even as I hope they would respect my right to disagree with them.

Unlike political gaslighting Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, who came under fire in February 2011 for spouting anti-Islamic, pyrrotechnic Pentecostal rhetoric, I try to apply the New Covenant (NC) principle of transcending religious and other ideological “denominations” or labels in all of my public interventions.

On Twitter, as in other settings, I often publish the views I hold most firmly as questions because I know only too well the paradoxical impotence and power of written words in private and public contexts — as I explain at length in my book The Bible: Beauty and Terror Reconciled.

Like Marshall McLuhan I deeply appreciate the fact that the messenger is the message.

And like Vilém Flusser I am very wary of the “textolatry” that apparently polluted the mind of the Australian who killed unarmed men, women and children at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I abhor the abuse of literacy by gender, race and religious racketeers, like the English nationalist who brutally butchered Lewis’ Labor Party colleague Jo Cox MP : males and females, misogynists and misandrists who seek to etch their names on history by creating and exploiting a “hostile environment”.

I know that written words can ignite and give deadly “life” to mind darkening, gaslighting lies, whether those lies are perpetrated consciously or unconsciously.

petition I have created calling on Pope Francis to make a definitive statement on the crucial difference between the unwritten NC and the written New Testament (NT) reflects my deep appreciation of how much the confusion of the unwritten, conscience based NC with its written, linguistically limited and deep, empathetic learning limiting NT representation has blighted the evolution of Christianity for the past 1900 years, approximately.

I know how easily ALL words, but especially written words, can be twisted and manipulated to serve the short-sighted, unethical aims of conscious or unconscious gender, race and religious racketeers, plagiarists and other vampirish identity privateers and thieves.


Still, I might have used the word “gaslighting” in my January 3rd tweet thread if it was more than just a buzzword I had heard, by then.

I might have used it if it were as deeply seeded and securely seated in my heart and head as it now is.

As I recall, I first became aware of the word “gaslighting” when I heard it used in one or more news items about the toxic climate being generated by Britain’s inflammatory Brexit politics.

I therefore associated it with the fiery rhetoric and anxious atmosphere that was being generated by the hybrid, artificially inseminated or “plagiarized”, screaming baby of David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Cherie Blair, Diane Abbott and other conscious and unconscious Cerberus (“hound of Hades”) channeling surrogates on either side of England’s core Leave/Remain EU referendum narrative.

I was not aware of the word’s rich roots in the truth twisting psychological abuse depicted in the 1938 play Gas Light by Patrick Hamilton.

I was not aware of how much the conduct of Jack Manningham, the fictional villainous husband in that play, has in common with Morrison’s and other Australian politicians’ word-based, legalistic psychological manipulations.

Indeed, Morrison only came to my attention last year when Australian media houses reported on his surprise victory in that country’s general election.

I had no idea that in 2013 when Morrison was appointed Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in then prime minister Tony Abbott’s Government he was responsible for implementing Operation Sovereign Borders — an Australian incarnation of excessively ideological, infernal ideas about our human capacity, individually or collectively, to subjugate nature to our gender, racial and religious appetites and ambitions.

I recall being naively pleased, or at least innocently intrigued, to learn that like me, Morrison can be described as a Pentecostal Christian.

It was only as research for this article led me to study him more deeply that I got a sense of how much Morrison, (like Trump, Johnson or, albeit, less likely, Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey) could be viewed as a political incarnation of the gas light dimming, treacherous, treasure seeking marital manipulator and murderer Manningham.

Only after I learned that it was the morally muddled, Islamaphobic Christian Morrison who piloted Australia’s arrogant, anti-Christ evoking “sovereign” borders initiative did I begin to sense the extent to which his consciously or unconsciously “petty pope” or pirate “king of kings” conduct shares a bloodtype-like moral kinship with the character Manningham’s malicious manipulation of the gas lighting in the home that he shared with his wife, Bella, in foggy London.

And by January 19th I was able to discern an ethically genetic correspondence between Morrison’s political capital motivated attacks on Islam and Manningham’s dimming of the gas light, then insisting that its flame was constant, to confuse his wife and make her question the reliability of her memory and sense of perception.

It was that Sunday afternoon, if I remember correctly, that I noticed that the playwright Hamilton’s creation of the fictitious “gas light” scenario provides an excellent framework in which to discuss the mind bending, human intelligence scandalizing notion of a harmonious relationship between divine sovereignty and human responsibility for our actions — especially as this relates to our interactions with the “natural environment”.

It dawned on me that like the unconscious, subterranean hypocrisy of some deeply pious people, who have been duped, as I was, by Christendom’s almost 2000 years deep confusion of the unwritten NC and the written NT, Manningham’s lying, psychologically abusive behavior was to some degree “involuntary”.

And so too was the “insane” Morrison’s.

It occurred to me that as Hamilton’s play is constructed, the dimming of the gas light in the house that Jack and Bella Manningham share is out of his control, being — at least in the first instance — the undesired, or at least unforeseen, unplanned consequence of his nefarious gas light dimming activity in the home of an elderly female neighbor that he had killed.

By Monday, January 20th, 2020, I could see with 20/20 clarity, that like Christianity and Islam, the two homes are fundamentally connected.

And home was the central theme of Siddiqui’s thoughts, coincidentally.

And on Tuesday, January 21st, at approximately 03:21, it dawned on me, that I had been led — by God, the cosmos, the Fates; call it what you will — to see that Hamilton’s play, was first and foremost about the ecology of light and darkness in the operation of male-female interdependence.

Thanks to the light being shed by Hamilton’s approximately 82 year-old play, the significance of the fiery-tongued-Pentecostals-allied Morrison’s education in “economic geography”, his background in tourism marketing, first in New Zealand, then in Australia, and other evidentiary details supporting the prophetic analysis I am presenting here is becoming increasingly clear to me.

And in due course I will be employing that play and its literary Caribbean cognate “Wide Sargaso Sea”, a novel by Jane Rhys, to analyse other “fires” raging in the British Commonwealth.

I will only note here that similarities between the stubborn, “stoical” contempt that Conway, attorney general William Barr and other legally trained Trump officials have shown for the Hatch Act of 1939 (which states that federal government employees must not advocate their political beliefs while representing a public office) and the perverse notion of chivalry that led an Australian to perpetrate mass murderer at two mosques in New Zealand are not accidental.

That Trump praising, monstrously misguided Australian Islamaphobe’s pernicious, pyrotechnic notion of chivalry is powered by the same desensitization to the teachings of Joshua (Jesus) of Nazareth that led the first century heretic Marcion to gaslight other Christians through pilpul manipulations of written records of Joshua’s teachings.

Intriguingly, Marcion was branded a heretic by the African “Church Father” Tertullian and other leaders of first and second century Christendom who nonetheless adopted and consolidated elements of his written communication based pilpul strategy when they confused the unwritten NC phenomenon that Joshua apparently saw himself as inaugurating with the 27 documents we know as the NT.

A forerunner of the ideologically liberal, entrepreneurially pragmatic Australian-American publisher Murdoch in many respects, it was the “schismatic” Tertullian who first labelled those 27 documents (the Gospel of Matthew through to the cryptic “Book of Revelation”) the “New Testament”, as I report in my book The Bible: Beauty And Terror Reconciled.

And the monstrous, psychological warfare being waged by Murdoch and other monopolistic mass media publishers against the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle, and against their infant son Archie, indirectly, in the name of some ill-defined, obscure notion of stoicism also springs from a place of moral confusion about the the medium of divine movement and rule in earthly affairs, clearly.

I draw readers’ attention to psychologist Bryant Welch’s claim in his 2008 book State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind, about the prevalence of gaslighting in American politics, beginning in the age of modern communication.

Welch wrote,

To say gaslighting was started by the Bushes, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Fox News, or any other extant group is not simply wrong, it also misses an important point. Gaslighting comes directly from blending modern communications, marketing, and advertising techniques with long-standing methods of propaganda. They were simply waiting to be discovered by those with sufficient ambition and psychological makeup to use them.

I am arguing for a rather more radical, historically far reaching “back cataloguing” (or “backburning”?) of what Welch might mean by “long-standing methods of propaganda”.

I am calling attention to the at least 1900 years worth of NC displacement by the NT.

I am urging readers to reflect on the build-up of biblical “branches and dead trees on the ground” that I believe has been fueling fires of one kind or another, with or without the conscious or unconscious complicity of technology disrupting, temperamental “tongues of fire” flame throwers like Trump, Murdoch (who was made a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II in January 1998, 3 months before the announcement of his separation from his second wife, Anna, a Roman Catholic, incidentally), his presidential predecessor Obama, current Australia PM Morrison or any other Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist or any other hot wind wielder of earthly authority.

I am saying that the Australian bush fires should probably be examined scientifically as a metaphysical manifestation of Murdoch’s, Morrison’s, the mosque attacker’s and other Australians’ New Covenant knowledge deficient, moral anchor abandoning or abandoned burning ambitions.

BBC a ‘brain dead’ broadcaster? (Open letters to the BBC – part 1)

As I record in a poem I wrote several years ago, there is a very real possibility that “I acquired my English via the BBC”.

I have a theory that the uncharacteristic Standard English dialect that my twin brother Wayne and I spoke as small boys was absorbed, sponge-like, from our exposure to BBC radio programming, beginning around March or April 1964, when we were conceived.

The Standard English vibrations that Wayne and I would have first experienced through the meta-Motherese maternal mechanisms of our mother’s womb was not the language of our home, which was located in Carrington Village, St Michael, on the outskirts of Barbados’ capitol, Bridgetown.

Our parents, Jeffrey and Lucille Campbell and our four sisters, Cheryl, Yvette, Suzanne and Ava all spoke the Creole, African languages influenced “Bajan” English dialect that Barbadian “father poet” Edward “Kamau” Brathwaite and other Afrocentric academics have dubbed “nation language”.

And yet Wayne and I conversed with each other in this foreign, Standard English tongue like two Ormesby born orphans, embedded with Black Barbadian parents.

Strangers would stop us on the streets of Carrington Village and ask us, “Where are you from? Were you born here, in Barbados?”

As best I can remember, we found these questions puzzling because as far as we were concerned, we were speaking the same Bajan English as everyone else.

And perhaps we did speak Bajan on many occasions.

Perhaps our use of a foreign, Standard variety of English was intermittent.

I cannot say for sure.

I only know that our “speaking great” (Bajan for speaking with a posh accent, and therefore thinking oneself better than others) aided our reading skills and that it was a counterbalance, once we started going to school, to our generally below average performance in Mathematics.

I have no doubt that our ability to speak and write a Standard variety of English was our redeeming grace, first at Carrington’s Primary School and subsequently, when our family eventually moved away from Carrington Village, at Bay Primary.

There were other dialects that emanated from the Rediffusion radio in my parent’s home in the early 1960s and 70s.

Vic “Buddy Boy” Brewster, a Barbadian broadcasting icon who channeled an American deejay accent and sensibility almost certainly had an impact on Wayne’s and my developing facility with English.

And I sometimes think that I may owe more than I can ever estimate to spiritual forces that were beamed via Rediffusion into our house on St Hill’s Road, as my father dutifully listened to broadcasts of sermons delivered by Arch Bishop Granville Williams, a pioneer among Barbadian, Trinidadian and other Caribbean Spiritual Baptists.

Similarly, my mother’s flirtation, like so many other Barbadians, with the American evangelical fundamentalist flavored, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association affiliated messages preached by Reverend Holmes Williams during his “Christ Is the Answer” broadcasts probably had a parallel impact.

But as I indicate in that poem, it is to the BBC that I instinctively trace the shaping of my early, Received Pronunciation or “Queen’s English” flavored proficiency in, what for better or worst, is the language of the Commonwealth.

So, when I say that I believe I owe a very substantial debt of gratitude to the BBC for all that I have achieved as a holistic communications and education specialist, trading as Intelek International, I mean just that.

And I am equally sincere when I say with equal parts anger and sadness that I believe that the BBC is a deeply damaged, moral bankruptcy bordering, gender, race, religion and other ideological poison propagating organization.

In other words, I believe that notwithstanding all the good that the BBC has done and continues to do, the organization is deeply flawed.

I believe that like the Bible, the BBC has the capacity to be a force for both good and evil.

Alternately, you could say that I love the BBC but I do not always like it.

And this Black History Month is as good a time as any to say that I love the BBC because of the good it has done and can continue to do for me and others like me.

Others including little Prince Archie, his mother Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and his father Prince Harry.

This Black History Month is also as good a time as any to say that I do not like the BBC when it facilitates evil, gender, race or religion motivated attacks against me, the Sussexes, the television presenter and journalist Naga Munchetty or anyone else.

And “more to the point”, as conservative political scientist Ruth Lea might say, though in a rather more prejudicial, less sound way, I believe that the legacy of the BBC bred, ethically “brain dead”, child abuse excelling sexual predator Jimmy Saville would have left no one in doubt about the BBC’s capacity to be a gender, race and religion racketeering opportunist if that establishment embedded sociopath’s evil crimes had been holistically investigated.

This Black History Month is as good a time as any to call for precisely such an investigation and I am doing so now.

I am calling particularly for a forensic study of Savile’s ties to the Roman Catholic church and his conscious or unconscious “co-conspirator” mother Agnes’ interactions with that institution.

I believe that like the “trademark mixture of gurning and garrulity” that Saville pioneered on Top Of the Pops, his reported “sequestering” of his mother’s corpse could hold important clues about a malformed, malignant Motherese attachment with precedents in the anal retentive propensities of Christianity and other excessively book-based religions.

I explore and denounce these “bookish theoric”, brain death inducing, anal retentive propensities in The Bible: Beauty and Terror Reconciled, which I brought to the attention of the BBC’s complaints department on 5 October 2019.

A copy of that complaint is reproduced below.

The complaint is presented in some of the best “Queen’s English” I am capable of, and if I may say so myself, represents the gracious workings of the Spirit of God in my life from the time of Wayne’s and my conception, until now.

I believe it is the grace of God that allowed me to recognize the confusion of the UNWRITTEN New Covenant with the WRITTEN New Testament that is at the crux of the “banker bride” Lea’s apparent confusion about the nature and purpose of stoicism.

Is there a fundamental difference between the marathon running, wrestling Aryan strong man “channeling” prolific pedophile Savile’s motivating force and the fascist, fundamentalist feminist spirit that animated Lea’s criticism of Duchess Meghan and, indirectly, her infant son?

I do not think so.

The only question as far as I am concerned, is the extent to which Savile was and Lea is conscious of the destructive “dance dialectics” of their anima.

I have been raising these issues with Rev Harcourt Blackett and other clergy and lay members of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Barbados, the UK and US for a number of years.

And I recently launched a petition to Pope Francis I, calling on him to address the confusion of the UNWRITTEN New Covenant with the WRITTEN New Testament definitively.

I call on all people of good conscience to sign that petition for the benefit of humanity.

The BBC complaints department has responded to my complaint, asking for specific examples of the kind of the “deeply flawed, excessively literalistic concept of ‘objectivity'” that my complaint is about.

I might just send them a copy of this article, in the hope that it will help focus minds at that publicly funded corporation.

As the last two sentences of my complaint indicate, I am banking on the BBC, hoping it will desist from brain dead broadcasting and possum prone programming.

If it is not sure how, a recovering evangelical fundamentalist religious bigot myself, I can provide that corporation with practical examples.

My complaint to the BBC

Full Complaint: I am concerned that a deeply flawed, excessively literalistic concept of “objectivity” is exposing the BBC to manipulation by shadowy political and economic interests. I address this evangelical fundamentalist Christianity approximating, “Biblical bullying” resembling concept of objectivity in my book “The Bible: Beauty And Terror Reconciled” and elsewhere. Here I will only say that it induces BBC personnel to engage in the kind of empty, exploitative word play that was used in the extraordinary error of judgement that recently led to presenter Naga Munchetty being censored for a perfectly legitimate expression of her opinion. I am particularly concerned that these manipulative, shadowy political and economic interests (whose destructive influence I have personally experienced) include persons hostile to the Duchess of Sussex and are complicit in a media wide attack on her, Prince Harry and their infant son. The clearest evidence of this hostility is some BBC reporters’ use of the word “attack” to describe Prince Harry’s patently peaceful attempts to defend his wife and child from excessively intrusive, toxic market driven media scrutiny and commodification of their life stories. The BBC’s sensationalist use of “attack”, like Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s use of “surrender” in concert with the Daily Mail and other publishing and/or broadcasting interests was particularly prominent on October 2, 2019. Martha Kearney and Nicholas Witchell led the way with her report, beginning at 35:54 in this recording: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008wn6. Kearney’s apparently excessive pro-Brexit nationalism and Witchell’s past insensitivity when reporting on Princess Margaret’s death may both be relevant in this regard. Consciously or not, Kearney, Witchell and other BBC personnel are waging psychological warfare against various targets. Like my book, my 2016 complaint to the BBC (Ref: CAS-3217340-W3GQRP) provides evidence of this. I can help. Please let me.

BBC’s response (so far)

Reference CAS-###########
Dear Junior,

Thank you for contacting the BBC.

I understand you have concerns the BBC is being manipulated by ‘political and economic interests’.

Your complaint is quite general and does not raise a very specific issue for us to reply to. We regret that at present we’re not able to reply, unless we receive specific examples such as programme names, dates and timestamps, relating to one point.

We appreciate that you have provided some specific information; but would stress that our framework requires a complaint to be limited to a single item or issue.

If you would kindly provide this in writing, we may then be able to address your complaint. If may be helpful to read the BBC Complaints Framework on our website which explains on page 12 the type of information we may need in order to be able to reply. A link is here:https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/sites/default/files/2019-05/BBC_Complaints_Framework.pdf

If you can provide this information please contact us as you did before, but also include the case number above so we can pick up where we’ve left off.

Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch.

Kind Regards,
###### ########

BBC Complaints Team 
Please note: this email is sent from an unmonitored address so please don’t reply. If necessary please contact us through our webform (please include your case reference number).

My submission to the Regenerating Seaside Towns Committee (Abomination of Desolation #3)

Dance Across the Seas by Barbadian band Spice and Company

Following is a copy of written evidence I submitted to the UK Parliament’s
House of Lords Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities Committee in September 2018.

I am publishing it here as a reference point for persons involved in ongoing, direct and indirect conversations I am having with neuroscientist Dr. Becky Inkster, the “writer, academic, itinerant scholar” Dr John Rapley, “retired” educator Mrs Janice Gurney (she’s still teaching me a thing or two) and other residents of Great Yarmouth and other Norfolk and wider England-based seaside towns who are demonstrating extraordinary resilience as the confidence undercutting currents of Brexit and other psychosocial phenomena take their toll on all of us.

Readers please note that I am probably just as surprised you by the reference in this parliamentary submission to purgatory, which suggests a conscious continuity between that reference last September and the more developed treatment of the purgatory theme in the article preceding this one, published on September 30.

That was not planned. I had forgotten about the reference to purgatory a year ago.

And then there is the reference in the last sentence to “transient storms” pounding our “psychological shores”.

Might there be a message here for Barbadian prime minister Mia Mottley and other prominent Barbadian feminist leaders of the global battle of the sexes about the intersection of coastal and cerebral environmental factors?

I think Ms Mottley, who made much of the vulnerability of Caribbean and other island states after the devastation hurricane Dorian inflicted on The Bahamas, would do well to consider the possibility of a measurable “chaos theory” link between climate change and disruptions in human ecology that she, Sir Elton John, Barack Obama and other conscious or unconscious gay rights orthodoxy advocates and their reactionary religious and secular opponents have spawned.

Mottley, Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis, Jamaica’s Andrew Holness, Trinidad and Tobago’s Keith Rowley, Guyana’s David Granger, St Lucia’s Allen Chastanet, Ralph Gonzalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica’s Roosevelt Skerrit, Antigua and Barbuda’s Gaston Browne, other Caribbean leaders and their counterparts in Africa, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, India, France, Africa and elsewhere would do well to note what in my view, is a more than merely metaphorical similarity between Dorian’s “abomination of desolation” devastation of The Bahamas, and the opportunistic, Cambridge Analytica recalling flash flooding of print and electronic media and other formal and informal information and education channels with a Dorianesque deluge of deeply cynical, truth disemboweling misinformation.

And I think married to money “banker bride economist” Ruth Lea’s clearly biased, bigoted verbal assault on the Duchess of Sussex, during today’s edition of Broadcasting House is a particularly flagrant example of the destructive capacity of such divisive misinformation.

Responding to journalist Sathnam Sangera’s expression of sympathy for Duchesss Meghan, as he suggested that there is “an element of racism” in the destructive Dorianesque coverage that has been unleashed on her, Prince Harry and their baby son Archie, Lea responded “Well, there may be. But I think more to the point that she has to accept, as a royal that she will have to behave as a royal and that does mean an awful lot of self-sacrifice, which she seems reluctant to do.”

This assertion of “the point” by the banking industry veteran Lea suggests an omniscience about the Duchess’ psychosomatic state and capacities that I think she will have difficulty justifying to any but her most bigoted, self-righteousness assuming anti-Meghan supporters.

Lea’s subtly aggressive, deeply arrogant assertion smacks of the
“elements of fragmentation, inconsistency and incoherence” in the UK’s formal and informal communication and education channels that I identify in my letter to the House of Lords Committee below.

I assert that these social schizophrenia propagating, divide and rule elements are impacting negatively not only on the seaside city of Great Yarmouth but on communities throughout the United Kingdom.

Mr Junior Campbell – written evidence (RST0007)

Dear Sirs

My name is Junior (Jay) Campbell and I am a Norfolk, England-based Barbadian holistic communication and education specialist, trading as Intelek International.

Noting the Committee’s concern with issues around education, I write to share my observations about artificial divides that exist in coastal Norfolk’s “knowledge trading” structures and systems.

Drawing on a theory of cognitive and affective degeneration and renewal that I first articulated in my book The Bible: Beauty And Terror Reconciled, I will be giving particular attention to the informal education channeled through virtually omnipresent 24-7-365-day radio and television broadcasts.

It is apparent to me, based on my more than 36 years formal and informal (self-directed) study of communication and education phenomena, that elements of fragmentation, inconsistency and incoherence in Norfolk’s formal and informal communication and education channels are impacting negatively not only on the seaside city of Great Yarmouth but on communities throughout the United Kingdom.

Moreover, based especially on my verbal communication work and wider interactions with Norfolk based churches, mosques and synagogues, Hellesdon Hospital, Wensum Valley Medical Practice, the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norfolk Police and other organizations and individuals involved in the emergent mental health and religion marrying “Spiritual Emergency” movement, I believe that any efforts at regeneration in Great Yarmouth or anywhere else in Norfolk risk being eroded by divisive, degenerative psychosocial and sociopolitical currents that have been undermining Norfolk’s and the wider UK’s social cohesion for some time.

More than 12 years of interactions with various academics, business people, journalists, medical professionals, lawyers, police personnel, politicians, religious leaders and other Norfolk residents have led me to believe that these degenerative dynamics, characterized among other things by entrenched and opportunistic religious-secular antagonisms and competition, are reflected in the 2010 census branding Norfolk the most atheistic county in England.

As Cath Elliott notes in a 2009 Guardian online article, Norfolk is by no means unique in this pronounced atheism.

Elliott cites a survey by the think tank Theos which declares the entire East of England “the most godless region of the UK.”

However, I believe that the 2011 census’ identification of Norwich as having “the highest proportion of the population reporting no religion at 42.5 per cent” is highly significant, pointing to a mentally divisive, schizophrenic understanding of both secular and religious systems of knowledge acquisition and transmission.

The typically poor performance of Norfolk schools is probably also evidence of this unhealthy, excessively competitive ideological environment in which the empathic and ethical dimensions of intelligence are de-emphasized.

The so-called affective or emotional dimensions of intelligence, the realm most crucial to the inner, psychic infrastructure of our self-awareness (and hence our capacity for resilience or personal regeneration), is apparently being devalued in Norfolk, as elsewhere in the UK, because of an excessive emphasis on cognitive intelligence: that aspect of intelligence that is evident in literacy, numeracy and related academic competencies.

Ancient and contemporary warnings of the dangers of literalism, which led the biblical author of 2 Corinthians 3:6 to warn that “the letter killeth” seem to be bearing little fruit in Norfolk, despite the claims of influential individuals and organizations based here to dependence on rigorous empirical research (that is, “scientific method”), on one hand, and deep religious faith on the other.

Both secular and religious thinkers seem to be struggling to come to terms with the dangers of intolerance of ambiguity: thinkers on both sides of that historical chasm seem prone to the folly of coast conscribing certainty in spheres of thought prone to conceptual erosion.

This inflexibility or brittle belief seems especially, but not exclusively apparent, in the realm of secular education, where the concept of faith is systemically frowned upon, consciously or unconsciously, and viewed as being at variance with and even inevitably inimical to rational thought.

And this is despite the clear operation of a secular humanist species of faith operating, for good or ill, in the academic arena.

Through interactions with “Creative Entrepreneurship” guru Ian Chance, Development Studies specialist Cecile Jackson and other lecturers and students at the University of East Anglia, I have detected evidence of a type of adherence to or conformity with the dictates of certain secular academic “apostles” or authorities that seems as highly prized as and otherwise indistinguishable from the corresponding conceptual boundaries erecting force of authoritative personalities, creeds and notions of “orthodoxy” in the religious realm.

And I may have occasion here or elsewhere to explore the rather disappointing Kalibank suggestion of one female academic that this virtually religious deference in secular academic contexts is a hang-over from male patriarchal dominance of Western education systems – as though men invented anal retentive pedagogies that promote divisive notions of faith and reason (Please note that I have raised this matter in a letter to the Committee on Gender and Equalities. The age old, interminable “battle of the sexes” certainly seems central to the diachronic and synchronic transmission of belief and knowledge systems, as the lives and work of RD Laing, Karl Jung and others from the field of psychology suggest.)

Alternately, on the other side of the same corrupted communication coin, there is evidence of an excessive reliance on “common sense” or communal knowledge and an indifference or, in worst case scenarios, outright hostility toward so-called “book learning” among Norfolk residents.

Here again, divisive, fragmentary, essentially literalistic, binary ideas about the nature and workings of the knowledge trade are the central feature.

Hence, the secular-religious knowledge divide is replaced by a common sense versus book learning antagonism, with terms like “local knowledge” and “education” being confused with the phenomena they refer to.

Overall, the elements of fragmentation, inconsistency and incoherence in both Norfolk’s secular and religious, formal and informal communication and education channels recalls the values confusion I, Barbadian political scientist Dr George Belle and others have commented on in relation to our island home’s transition to “developed” nation status.

And as in Barbados, the role of the electronic and print media in consolidating divisive, fragmentary knowledge acquisition (typically at the behest of various, competing political, religious, commercial and idiosyncratic interests) is crucial.

As economic historian and former Labour Party MP Tristram Hunt implies through the inclusion of Barbados in his ten cities that have built the British empire, Barbados’ psychic or “cosmological” coastal conundrum makes this purgatorial outpost of contrarian political, religious, gender and other currents a useful, microcosmic object of study for much that happens in Britain.

I would welcome an opportunity not only to discuss these and related matters further with the Select Committee, but also to share solutions I and others have been developing to meet the challenges of social dissolution and disintegration.

They and I have been developing “technologies of trust” to preserve both Barbados’ and Britain’s fragile domestic and external relations as the terrors and tremors of Brexit, the Trump presidency and other transient storms pound our psychosocial shores.

Kind regards
Junior (Jay) Campbell
Intelek International

Felicity Huffman’s “academic politics” (Abomination of desolation #2)

French painter William Bouguereau’s “Dante and Virgil”. The painting depicts a short scene from Dante’s Inferno, set in the eighth circle of Hell, the circle for falsifiers and counterfeiters.

What is the purpose of education? What treasures are in its gift?

Why would a woman of multi-award winning American actress Felicity Huffman’s achievements and reputation risk all that she has attained to secure access to education’s treasury for her offspring through criminal rule breaking?

I note that the Desperate Housewives star gave both her daughters the middle-name Grace, which is apparently consistent with Huffman’s own wealthy Christian family upbringing.

And yet when one scratches beneath the surface one rapidly comes to the conclusion that there is a nagging poverty and sense of skepticism at the heart of Huffman’s narrative.

In the adulterous or otherwise “illegitimate” circumstances of her birth, her battle with both anorexia and bulimia, her on-and-off relationship with her similarly successful actor husband and other biographical and biological details one can detect a desperation that predicted her current, hopefully ultimately healing and therefore transient disgrace.

I certainly see scope for Huffman, her husband William H Macy and their two daughters to rise Phoenix-like from the rubble of their scandalous education escalator rule breaking.

As I hinted in a private message to a member of their stellar family recently, while they may now feel like they have descended to the fraudsters filled eighth circle of hell, as depicted in the medieval Italian poet Dante’s Inferno, it may be more accurate and probably much more helpful to see themselves as passing through a version of that thirteenth century Italian mystic’s concept of purgatory.

And just as Bahamian prime minister Dr Hubert Minnis is urging Bahamians grieving the deaths and devastation that hurricane Dorian inflicted on their country to be encouraged by the seeming invincibility of the red and white Elbow Cay Lighthouse that has remained standing on Great Abaco island, I am urging the Huffman-Macy collective to seek the hurricane resistant lighthouse in their particular circumstances.

Sincere felicitations Felicity (or ‘What’s in a name?’)

And in this regard I would urge the family to reflect on Huffman’s first name: Felicity.

According to The Free Dictionary, while the word “Felicity” typically denotes happiness, it also has a much deeper, philosophical sense, related to the performative appropriateness of speech.

The focus in this philosophical use of the word is on the appropriateness of a specific speech act.

So as The Free Dictionary explains the performative “I appoint you ambassador” can only possess or be impregnated or populated with felicity if uttered by one in whom the authority for such appointments is vested.

I am taking this philosophical sense of felicity further, in concert with the medieval mystic Dante, and the renaissance rationalist Rene Descartes simultaneously, however unlikely that may seem.

I am taking a more theological than philosophical view of the name Felicity, and in this particular instance imbuing it with both ancient and modern, religious and secular labels transcending, real politik significance.

For me, felicity is rooted ultimately in the sovereignty of God and the grace to which every family tossed on the rough seas of life can lay claim.

According to this faith regenerating rubric, which I present as a conscience based New Covenant phenomenon in my book The Bible: Beauty And Terror Reconciled and elaborate on more extensively in the next article in this series, the felicity of Felicity’s words is therefore not dependent solely on her intent.

However, this divine sovereignty focused understanding of the word felicity, which is consistent with the long accepted use of the word to mean “good fortune”, does not exclude the possibility of human agency and responsibility.

It simply acknowledges that we cannot always measure and apportion it.

Just as we cannot always measure the fruit of education because intelligence is an extraordinarily complex phenomenon, whatever the consciously or unconsciously Aryan supremacist science supporting geneticist James Watson, or his detractors in the African supremacist science supporting community may say.

And I think the contemporary denunciation of “whiteness” by black reverse racist reactionaries and their white academic allies, equating whiteness with everything that is backward or unwholesome, is peculiarly pernicious and carcinogenic.

It seems that the citadel of cerebral supremacy, like the Kingdom of God, a Christian theological parallel, will ever suffer the violence of academic politics.

Like Huffman, those who rationalize violence in thought, word, or deed, like Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, his University of the West Indies strategic ally Sir Hillary Beckles, the Brexit Party politician and Academy of Ideas founder Clare Fox, and most alarmingly, the current British prime minister and his conscious or unconscious counterpart facilitators in the United States, Israel, Palestine, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Barbados and elsewhere first violate themselves.

By this ethical scale of interpretation Huffman’s and the other education system perverting fraudsters’ behavior may be seen for what it is in its most naked state: a kind of self rape.

But as professor Mary Beard of the University of Cambridge, a maximal Mariologist, arguably, has demonstrated despite a similar testing, it remains in Huffman’s and her family’s capacity to turn this tragic scandal into a watershed winning life lesson, if not a cause célèbre.

To be continued…

Beckles’ “deafness” and hurricane Dorian’s Bahamas deaths (Abomination of desolation #1)

I am not sure what Czech-born philosopher, writer and journalist Vilém Flusser may have made of it, but I suspect that there is more than a coincidence in the “photo twinning” (below) of University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles’ ethical inking of a reparations deal with the University of Glasgow and the UWI Chancellor Robert Bermudez’s visit to The Bahamas in July.

In hindsight, informed by a mindfulness of UWI’s susceptibility to the kind of scholastic skulduggery that Jeffrey Epstein and Gislaine Maxwell practiced, Bermudez’s Bahamas visit could be construed as a premonitory prelude to the death and devastation that hurricane Dorian has inflicted on that multi-island state.

photo “twinning” Bermudez in the Bahamas and Beckles at the University of Glasgow

The “biblical” battering that Dorian inflicted on the the majority black Bahamian populace may be construed as a signal of the perversity of Sir Hilary’s signing of a pact with the University of Glasgow which risks giving legitimacy to the mind boggling bigotry that he, David Comissiong and other morally bankrupt or ethically disabled/handicapped Afrocentric advocates have allowed to pollute Caribbean people’s legitimate claims to reparations for the inhumane brutality and related excesses of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

As I have previously documented, Beckles and other reparations campaigners have injudiciously turned a deaf ear to my own and others warnings of the injustices that rapacious, reverse racist mishandling of the legitimate claims of many Caribbean people to redress for that trade’s brutality and lethal legacies risks.

Indeed, Dorian’s “abomination of desolation” approximating depopulation of Abaco island and other Bahamian residential spaces could be construed as a manifestation of divine justice for key Bahamians’ complicity in Beckles’ and others’ hijacking of the legitimate claims of people everywhere, in every era of human history to justice and peace.

The relative diversity of the Bahamian population is notable in this respect. The country’s majority black population can be considered a demographic gloss, concealing submerged wheels within wheels of Pan African, Pan European, Pan Caribbean (including indigenous American Indian) and other complementary and conflicting interests.

And by key Bahamians, I mean persons who, like Beckles, Comissiong and Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley in the Barbadian context, are failing to use the lofty positions that they have ascended to, to properly look out for and care for the welfare of all in their societies.

And I also mean some of those who may be at the lower levels of society, who the Glaswegian rap artist and social commentator Darren McGarvey likened to a baby giraffe in quicksand, in this critique of the notion of upward “social mobility” that I heard on BBC Radio Four on Sunday, September 8.

And McGarvey’s possible struggle reconciling his idea of personal resilience with his patent partiality toward a socialist world view is reminiscent of my own, to some extent.

It also recalls the vaginal vacuity of Beckles’, Selma James’ and other Marxist model muddled economic historians’, fundamentalist feminists’, carnivorous capitalists and other inflexible ideologues’ failures to engage meaningfully with women’s role in reproduction and child-rearing as the nucleus of matriarchal power and authority.

Where is the Giraffe’s mother?

Has she abandoned it?

Or might it have followed her into a social mobility trap?

McGarvey’s metaphor recalls the failure of bioarcheologist Stacy Hackner and other “science communicators” to recognize how women’s primary partnering role in procreation is undermined by the institutional excesses of scholastic, commercially co-opted and related fascist tendencies and vulnerabilities of an emergent, evangelical Christianity mirroring, homosexual experience homogenizing gay rights orthodoxy.

And anyone familiar with the desolation of the dancing Quaker population in the United States through their own puritanical, insular, homo-ideological marital policies will appreciate the validity of comparing them with fundamentalist evangelical homosexual advocates like Sir Elton John immediately (I may have opportunity to address the role of William Sayle and other British Puritan settlers in the evolution of Bahamian society elsewhere).

He may not have anticipated it anymore than Flusser might have anticipated my metaphysical “appropriation” of his photographic phenomenology, but the Glaswegian McGarvey’s baby giraffe resilience reference coincides with and complements the investigation of Dorian’s depopulation of The Bahamas rather providentially.

It certainly facilitates the floating of notions of homo-ideological bloating that attach to the submersion and subversion of the notion of biological motherhood, and by extension, the prominence of women in communication, through their role in early childhood language development: their role as propagators of what I and other linguists call Motherese.

And I am convinced that the conscious or unconscious devaluation of Motherese and other high sensitivity dependent communication skills by Hackner, Sir Elton, Stephen Fry, Beckles, his Garveyite theological comrade Robert Beckford and others is in large measure a manifestation of their own “baby giraffe in quicksand distress”.

Sir Elton’s insatiable appetite for media attention and festive flooding of parental vacuums in his life through his much documented conspicuous consumption points to such distress, surely.

Just as current British prime minister Boris Johnson’s “big girl’s blouse” insults point to a rather childish preoccupation with physical strength and a corresponding, “complementary” failure to value the soft power of vaginal, feminine vulnerability.

But unlike the speculative coordinates between the Beckles and Bermudez photo twinning, a serendipitous event facilitated by UWI’s alumni connecting Nexus magazine, a mapping of the links between Britain’s submersion and subversion of the careful, care-filled conversation that is mothering and the instructively named Johnson’s Bin-Lorry-Bin-Ladin Harry Clarke recalling hard Brexit strategy can be established rather easily.

As easily, at least, as the task of measuring the competencies and skills that characterize persons, like Hannah Walker, reputedly, with high degrees of sensitivity.

I note that the flooding of the Bahamian employment market with doctors, was raised by Bahamian Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd when Bermudez visited, as reported in this news story.

Can there be a clearer demonstration of the cost of inadequate social mobility strategies?

And the perverse profiteering of some Bahamian pilots reported in this article recalls some of the worst race racketeering, exploitative, decency outraging behavior I witnessed in 2001, not least when Comissiong, Aaron “Buddy” Larrier and other Pan Africanist reparations campaigners turned on me, because I insisted that the role of Africans in the slave trade as traders should be fully ventilated.

And to read today (September 8) the possibly predominantly Amerindian-European descended Comissiong’s words about “the complexity and magnitude” of the Africans reparations claim!

Comissiong’s claim to African identity is as tenuous as Jimmy Savile’s was to altruism I think.

But Comissiong remains a darling of Diane Abbott, “Sista Doctor” Sandra Richards, Beckles and other academics, journalists, politicians and others who control the Caribbean’s mainstream news feeds.

People like Barbados Today publisher Peter Harris, the Barbados adopted “Black Bajan” of Indian ancestry.

“Calling it another ‘elephant in the room’, Minister Lloyd addressed the concern of subvention payments for Bahamian students attending UWI. He suggested that there is an uncertainty of whether all students who are receiving those subventions are actually Bahamians. Both the Minister and Chancellor agreed that a system needs to be put in place to ensure that only qualified students are accepted, and benefiting from such subventions,” the article reporting on Chancellor Bermudez’s visit to the Bahamas reads.

Might Bermudez, a prominent Trinidad and Tobago born business leader fingered by Beckles for the top position at UWI have spoken the tropical system that birthed Dorian into existence unconsciously?

If we accept the link proposed by chaos theory between the flapping of a butterflies wings and the development of hurricanes like Dorian, does it not also make sense to consider the consequences of plosives and other linguistic disturbances of the physical cosmos by our verbal utterances?

To what extent might it be said that Beckles, Bermudez and other elites presiding over UWI, do so like the destroyer Dorian, which sat over The Bahamas penetrating her deeply?

To what extent might it be fair to say that the Bahamas was seduced and raped by a false sense of security?

And what lessons may those of us who see the hand of God in acts of nature learn from this Bahamian depopulation or desolation tragedy?

Responding to Dorian’s desolation of the Bahamas, Barbadian prime minister Mottley has taken the view that Caribbean and other states are most vulnerable to but not responsible for the devastating consequences of climate change.

This view is rather simplistic and does not take account of the influence that Barbadian politicians, business people, religious leaders and other solitary or celebrity figures can exert, openly or secretly, like Epstein and Maxwell, on international affairs.

Might a phenomenological, chaos theory based study of former Barbados government minister and “porn prince” Donville Inniss’ activities over the past several years put him in the path that hurricane Dorian traced from Africa to the Caribbean?

The destructive Dorian did pass “extremely close” to Barbados.

Or taking a longitudinal meta-linguistic approach, what might we deduce from Dorian’s visitation of devastation upon The Bahamas if we study it as a fractal photographic commentary on the legacy of that country’s controversial “Father of the Nation” Sir Lynden Pindling?

Apologies to all who may find my metaphysical analysis painful.

I mourn with those who mourn, truly.

Condolences to the people of The Bahamas.

May you find the grace of God in this time of need.